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Tantra Related

One becomes an ascetic only in mind. If one claims to have renounced all the world and still craves for worldly pleasures, then he can never be an ascetic. You don’t need to renounce the world to perform Sadhanas. Rather you may perform the Sadhanas at home. Revered Gurudev has been living with His family and is a perfect illustration from which everyone can take inspiration and motivation. You should read Sadhana details in narayan Mantra sadhana Vigyan magazine and books, discuss with Revered Arvindji gurudevji, take appropriate Diksha, obtain Sadhana articles from Jodhpur Gurudham and perform Sadhana with full devotion, faith and trust to achieve all the aims and remove all the problems from your life.
One need no go to forests to perform Sadhanas. You may perform Sadhanas at home after taking Diksha from Revered Gurudev.
Fear of Tantra is baseless. This science is the process of activating various Cosmic entities present in the body to attain Self realisation and Supreme bliss. It is the easiest way to aquire Divine Powers and emerge successful in every field. A prayer may fail to touch the heart of the deity but Tantra forces it to shower its blessings. One can achieve various Divine powers like clairvoyance, ability to change one’s size, peer into past and future lives, move through various Loks etc. etc. through Tantra. The Fear and misconceptions about Tantra were started by imperfect tantriks to achieve their vile aims. Please click here to get more information about Tantra.
Tantra is the science of activating the various dormant vital glands and Chakras of the astral form, present inside the human body. The natural flow of this resultant vigorous energy is downwards which is misused to obtain sensual pleasures. However, by using correct process of Tantra, this tremendous energy can be guided upwards to attain Divine powers like clairvoyance, Hypnotism, ability to fly in air, disappear at will, view and talk to various Gods, Goddesses and other celestial beings etc. etc. Please click here to get more information about Tantra.

No. Absolutely Not. In fact One requires complete concentration of mind to achieve success in Sadhanas. One needs to do Yogic exercises like Traatak to train the mind. One has to refrain from eating non-vegetarian food. All “Taamsik” foods like onions, garlic etc. are banned. One needs to follow some very strict rules like “complete celibacy” etc. while performing Sadhanas.

The left side of Tantra was started by some misguided/pseudo tantriks who were unsuccessful in achieving their aims. They introduced vile practices like drinking, meat eating, sex and money spinning into the system to for their petty gains. The actions of these unconscientious people contributed to bad and wrong myths about Tantra in the society.
Tantra is a very sacred ancient science. It is the easiest method to invoke and get blessings from deity. Unfortunately, like in any other science, there is a potential to misuse and abuse it. Some misguided and imperfect Tantriks focus their attention towards the leftist part and use it to cause & harm to others for selfish petty ends. Although they can cause damage to the common men, yet eventually such Tantriks undergo severe sufferings and their lives get highly miserable.


You can make an analogy with knife. It is an essential utility item in kitchen to cut and prepare vegetables, but in the wrong hands it can become a convenient tool for causing death.