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Sadhna of Some Simple Yantra Sadhanas

Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are inseparable constituents of the field of Sadhanas. Mantra is a powerful incantation which helps one link one’s subconscience with the divine and thus obtain its help. Tantra is a special form of Mantra-usage in which the Sadhana process is speeded up and made a thousand fold more powerful. What then is a Yantra?

These are mystical engravings generally on copper or silver or gold which act like receivers and transmitters. They reflect the Mantra sound produced by a Sadhak having first amplified it subtly. The sound then can travel infinite distance to reach the God, Goddess or divine force who is being supplicated. The God or Goddess may then transmit its blessings and these are caught by the Yantra, magnified and directed towards the Sadhak. At the sub-conscience level the blessings are received by the Sadhak and he or she benefits from them.

Several Yantras are also drawn with ink on paper, but whatever the background the true worth of these esoteric inscriptions is only when they have been consecrated and Mantra-energised by a Guru who has mastered all Sadhanas.

Strange geometrical figures, numbers, syllables appear on Yantras. One may be unaware of their significance, yet their proper use brings forth amazing results. One may not know how actually a car runs and still drive it; similarly one could use Yantras without knowing how they are made. Only thing is that one must know how they are to be used.

Following are some really efficacious Yantras which have proved their worth over the ages and which anybody could use to derive amazing benefits.

The Beesaa Yantra is most effective for this purpose. If some problem is weighing on your mind just draw the following Beesaa Yantra on a paper with vermilion.


beesa yantra


On this place a Beesaa Yantra Mudrika. Mentally pray for riddance from the tension. Then close your eyes and chant

|| Om ||

for ten minutes. After that put the ring on any finger. Very soon your worries shall disappear. After a month drop the ring in a river.

On any Wednesday draw the following Yantra on a paper with Vermilion. Light incense and on the inscription place a Vyaapaar Vriddhi Yantra. Place this in your shop. The Yantra’s energy shall draw customers in crowds to your shop.

vyapar yantra

On a Friday using a twig from a pomegranate (anaar) tree draw the following Yantra on paper with vermilion. On it place Garb Raksha Yantra. Offer on it vermilion and light incense. Then silently pray for the protection of the child in the womb. Later tie the Yantra around the waist of the expecting lady. This shall ensure safe delivery. After birth of the child drop the Yantra in a river or pond.
On a Thursday draw the following Yantra with turmeric on a paper.

karya siddhi yantra

On it place a Sarva Kaarya Siddhi Yantra. Light incense and speak out your wish. Later offer sweets to children. After 21 days drop the Yantra in a river or pond.