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Some Effective Sadhana

Param Pujya Arvindji Gurudev

SADHANA Extracts

Through Sadhanas even impossible looking tasks are accomplished. Basically Sadhanas aim at confluence of two energies – that of the subconsciousness and that of the deity who is propitiated through a ritual. The propitiation is done through Mantra chantings which are special divine incantations to which the divine forces respond very quickly. But sometimes even this combination may fail specially if the Sadhak is weak willed. In that case one needs a powerful Guru whose divine powers can boost one’s will to amazing levels. Such a Guru is Paramhans Nikhileshwaranand who has gifted hundreds of Sadhanas to thousands of Sadhaks and whosoever tried them with devotion got the highest level of success. This transfer of Divine Energy from Sadguru to Sadhak is Diksha.

Knowledge is Power Supreme and True Knowledge knows no bounds. Knowledge increases by spreading, and it banishes the darkness of ignorance, superstition, misbeliefs and fear. Every issue of magazine contains a multitude of articles on Sadhnas, Mantras, Tantras, Yantras, Ayurveda, Kundalini, Palmistry, Hypnotism, Numerology, Astrology etc.Some Sadhna articles extracted from various issues of magazine and books penned by Revered Gurudev are presented here. You should read the magazine for complete details on Sadhanas and other articles.

Thousands of different Sadhanas have been published in various issues of magazine. There are hundreds of different Sadhana Procedures (Vidhis) to accomplish same Sadhana. Some Sadhanas extracted from latest issues of magazine are listed below.

Success In Business

To be a successful and rich business magnate has always been your dream yet in spite of devoted and honest efforts the goal remains as distant as the horizon. More you run towards it the farther it seems.

Whatever your problem may be – lack of finance, cutthroat competition or dishonest partners-just try this marvellous ritual and see the result for yourself.

Early morning take a bath and get into clean clothes. Sit in the worship place. In a plate place Uttishtthaa. Offer vermilion and rice grains on it. Light a ghee lamp. Keep your eyes fixed on Uttishtthaa and chant the following Mantra continuously for 25 minutes.

|| Om Hleem Poornna Saafalyam Om Phat Kuru Kuru ||

Do this regularly for 11 days at the same time. After that leave Uttishtthaa in a temple.

Health Of Kids

Worried on this account? Is frequent fever, cold or some other persistent ailment proving to be a bane for the health of your child? If yes, then don’t waste any time; just try out the following quick-acting remedy.

In a plate spread some red flowers. On them place a Gopal Dand. Offer vermilion and rice grains on the Dand and light a ghee lamp. take water in your right palm and pledge that you are accomplishing this Sadhana for the health of your child (speak his/her name). Chant the following Mantra 25 times.

|| Om Soum Manovaanchhitam Santaan Sukham Siddhaye Om ||

Repeat for 11 days. On the 12th day throw the dand in a river.

Windfall Gains

Wealth is the fuel of life and to earn it one tries every means. But many times even sincere efforts fail to help one win the favour of the Goddess of Wealth. If interested in sudden, legal gains(e.g. lottery or shares) this is the ritual for you.

On a Wednesday place a picture of Laxmi before yourself and pray to the Goddess. Then chant 11 rounds of this mantra with Kamalgatta rosary.

|| Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Shreem Shreem Om ||

Do this for 9 days. If possible continue chanting one round daily even afterwards. If tried with full faith amazing results accrue and one gains money from unexpected sources.

Enemy Trouble And You

Life is nothing but a confluence of good and bad. And when one’s stars are unfavourable, enemities spring up, enemy minds start working overtime, problems are created in one’s life and rumours are spread with an aim to mar one’s reputation. Retailiation could get one into further trouble; but there is a way out that is easy as well as effective. To Pacify enemies and adversaries, light a holy fire and then make oblations of a mixture of black pepper seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black sesamum seeds, chanting the following Mantra. Do this for 25 minutes.

|| Om Bham Bheiravaay Vijayam Dehi Om Phat ||

And soon enough you shall feel all opposition whittling down. No Sadhana article is needed in this ritual.

Don’t Give Up Hope

There are goals, to achieve which one puts at stake everything one has. Yet in spite of the best efforts one fails to make it. And then despair and frustation set in leaving one a physical and mental wreck. Besides mental peace one also loses one’s social standing and respect and financial security. Failure can be prevented and even a seemingly lost situation, brought under control through this marvellous ritual. Place a Sarva Kaarya Siddhi Gutika in a plate. Sit before it and chant the following Mantra 103 times.

|| Om Hleem Kaarya Siddhim Hleem Om Phat ||

Repeat for 11, consecutive days. After the completion of the ritual throw the Gutika in a river or pond. This shall ensure success in any and every venture you undertake. This is a remarkable ritual that can help students, businessmen, family man, actors and politicians-people from every walk of life.




Any Tuesday

All knowledge of science and the spiritual world is aimed at making human life more comfortable and easy. Science sure has provided man with so many luxuries but can it claim to have made his life more healthy?

In some ways yes for the medical world has made great strides in recent times. But another truth is that today man is more prone to diseases and ailments and no person specially in cities is totally free from ailments. Is this the destiny of man i.e. to suffer endlessly?

Science can bring only temporary relief and it is not possible for it to bring complete rejuvenation of the human body. This is possible only through the exalted spiritual knowledge possessed by our great Rishis and Yogis. In this knowledge lie the seeds to a completely healthy and comfortable life but unfortunately today man in unable to benefit from it being incapable of understanding it and believing in it.

When the ancient texts talk of ailments they do not refer to only physical problems but also mental tensions and hurdles in life faced by all of us today. And it is but most logical to club problems along with ailments as tensions lead to deterioration of health and these need to be rooted out to keep perfectly fit. Hence the ancient texts provide infallible Sadhanas to cure the same.

Astrologically speaking the cause of diseases or such problems could also be malefic planets in one’s natal chart. In fact such ailments are not cured even by the best medical help.

This Sadhana must be tried by everyone who faces any of the above mentioned problems related to his health. If tried in particular auspicious moments with full concentration and faith it simply cannot fail. Where even science can fail this ritual could do wonders.

According to the great Rishi Dhanvantri who was an authority on treatment of diseases Narayan Kal Sadhana can completely rejuvenate the body no matter how badly afflicted. Through the chanting of the Narayan Kalp Mantra a divine energy is produced within which can bring about an amazing transformation in the human body.

This is a one day Sadhana that must be done on a Tuesday early morning or in the night.

Have a bath and wear clean yellow clothes. Then sit facing North. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. On it write OM in hindi

with vermilion. On two Ashoka leaves make a Swastik each with turmeric paste. Place these leaves over a Narayan Yantra. On them place Narayan Chakra. Then chant following verse meditating on the divine form of Lord Narayan.

Udyat Pradyotan Shat Ruchim Tapt Hemaa-vadaabham,
Paarshva Dwarndwa Jaladhi Sutayaa Vishva Dhaatryaa Cha Jushtam.
Naanaa Ratnollasit Vividhaa-kalpamaa-peet Vastram,
Vishnnum Vande Dar Kamal Koumodiki Chakra Paannim.

After this pray to the Lord for perfect health and freedom from your ailment. Then with a yellow Hakeek rosary chant five rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Nrim Nrinnaay Kaaykalp Poornnatva Soundarya Praaptaye Phat ||

Repeat the entire Sadhana on the next Tuesday. Do this for four continuous Tuesdays.

After the Sadhana tie all Sadhana material in a yellow cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond.

Banish enmities and problems

Any Saturday

Goddess Jwalamalini is none but the divine energy of Lord Shiva. So powerful is Her form that even the gods fear Her and great Yogis crave to perform Her Sadhana in order to banish all obstacles in the path of spiritual development. Yet it is a fact that the Sadhana of the Goddess Jwalamalini has long remained under the cover of secrecy. Gurus would give its knowledge only to the most deserving disciples.

Any Sadhak who tries Her Sadhana without doubt is instilled with the divine powers of the Goddess. If one’s faith and devotion is unwavering then the Sadhana simply cannot fail to produce the desired result. This is also a very quick acting ritual and its Mantra is packed with more power than even a nuclear bomb! Only thing is one should know how to make its proper use.

Every Sadhak should try and accomplish this Sadhana at least once in his life time in order to gain from the benevolent Goddess who is very kind to Her devotees but a terror to the enemies.

Through this Sadhana one can banish all enmities in life. The energy generated by the Mantra chanting is enough to neutralise the negative plots and actions of even the most powerful enemies. It also fills the Sadhak with confidence, will power and a divine radiance which enables him to face the most formidable of foes. Then the Sadhak does not feel perturbed even in adverse situations and he comes out victorious in all ordeals of life.

Through this ritual one can even ward of the ill effect of any evil ritual tried by one’s enemies to destroy one’s life or harm one.

The Sadhana must be tried in the night of a Saturday.

Have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Also cover yourself up with a Guru Chadar (a special protective shawl). Sit with crossed legs. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth and on it place the Jwalamalini Yantra on a mound of rice grains. Also place Sadgurudev’s picture on one side. Light a Ghee lamp and offer vermillion, rice grains, flowers on the Yantra and the picture. Take some water in the right palm and speak out your name and the reason why you are doing the Sadhana. Let the water flow to the ground

Next meditate on the holy form of the Goddess chanting thus.

Om Namo Angushtthaabhyaam Namah, Bhagwati Tarjaneebhyaam Swaahaa, Jwaalaamaalini Madhyamaa-bhyaam Vashat, Grighra Gann Parivrite Kavachaay Hoom, Hoom Phat Netratrayaay Voushat, Swaahaa Astraay Phat.

This Mantra energises the fingers and makes the chanting of the main Mantra with a rosary more effective and powerful. Then with a Jwaalaa rosary chant four rounds of Guru Mantra and with the same rosary chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Jram Jram Jwaalaamaalinyei Phat ||

Do this regularly for 11 days. In this period wear the rosary daily. After 11 days drop the Yantra and rosary in a pond or river. One should lead a celibate life in this period and eat pure food. One can try again for even better result.

Wishes fulfilled!

Any Wednesday

Mercury is a divine metal and according to the ancient text Ras Ratna Samuchchya if mercury is Samskarised then through it any wish can be fulfilled. Samskarised mercury or Parad is called elixir and nectar of life and through it even the impossible can be achieved.

If with this Samskarised mercury one prepares an idol of Lord Ganpati then through its worship a Sadhak can gain intelligence, divine powers, wealth, health and fulfilment of all desires and wishes.

In the Indian system of Sadhanas no ritual is complete without the worship of Lord Ganpati. Before the worship of every God and Goddess Ganpati is offered prayers because with His blessings no obstacle can come in one’s way.

A Sadhana of Lord Ganpati is like the divine boon tree Kalpvirksha which can fulfil any wish on being asked. Lord Ganpati is also a very kind deity who bestows comforts, wealth and favours on his devotees. Just remembering the Lord removes obstacles and problems from one’s life and enables one to make quick progress in one’s field of work. If then one uses a Parad idol of the Lord for the Sadhana the effect becomes hundred fold and success is quicker and more certain.

If you feel there are lots of tensions and problems in your life. If your business is not doing well. If you are facing problems in studies. In fact if you are worried about anything just try this wonderful ritual and witness its amazing power for yourself.

This Sadhana should be tried on a Wednesday or a Ganesh Chaturthi early in the morning. Have a bath and wear fresh yellow clothes. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. Sit on a yellow mat facing North. In a copper plate draw a Swastik with turmeric. On it place a Parad Ganpati. Offer vermilion, rice grains and yellow flowers.

Then take water in the right palm and speak out your wish. Let the water flow to the ground. Then join both palms and chant the following prayer meditating on the divine form of the Lord.

Veenaam Kalp-lataam Cha Paasham Varadam Vidhatte Kare, Vaame Taamrasam Cha Ratna-kalasham Sanmanjareem Chaabhayam. Shundaadand-lasanmrigendra-vradah Shankhendu-gourah Shubhoh, Deevyadratna-nibhaanshuko Ganpatih Paayaad-paayaat Sa Nah.

Next smear a Shree Phal with vermilion and offer it to the Lord. Then with a coral rosary chant three rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Gam Gannpataye Gam Namah ||

Do this for three consecutive Wednesdays. After Sadhana place Parad Ganpati in your place of worship. Drop the Shree Phal and rosary in a river or pond.

Do you wish for a happy married life?

Can life be full of pleasures?

Can delay in marriages be remedied?

The answer is yes!

Life is very strange. Every person be it a man or a Woman keeps trying to get more and more pleasures and comforts in life. First everyone wishes for material pleasures and then for spiritual fulfilment.

One important event in life is marriage. Marriage brings about a very special change in the life of a person. The direction of life can completely change after marriage. If one gets a wise, capable and understanding life partner then one feels like enjoying life and its pleasures to the full. Problems, obstacles and responsibilities are a part of life. But if one’s life partner is understanding then the pain becomes much less.

In the Indian Society too marriage is given great significance. In the ancient times there used to be the ritual of Swayamvar in which the girls were given the freedom to choose their own husbands. Because the marriage used to be by choice hence life was more happy. Married life was not a problem or a burden for them.

But as times passed the social system changed and the ritual of marriage became some what distorted due to which there were many problems which the couples face to this day. Society became dominated by males and women came to play only a passive role in marriages. The fact is that a woman is as important a part of the society as a man. In married life both are equal. Both supplement each other. Without one the other cannot contemplate a whole life. The creation in nature cannot go on without cooperation of both.

Marriage in the present context

Today the institution of marriage has become very corrupted.There is more pain in married life than happiness. It has come to be believed that birth of a girl in a home means advent of problems and sorrows. The reason for this is that for the marriage of the girl the parents have to struggle a lot. The problem of dowry has further complicated matters. High life styles, ostentation and false values have only tended to make the problem of dowry more grave. Even after marriage of the girl problems for the parents or the girl do not end. Everyone understands that the prevalent system is wrong yet paradoxically it continues.

If by the time the girl is of marriageable age parents are not able to find a suitable match then it becomes a cause of worry and tension for them. The poor girl even if she understands what is going on is forced to keep mum.

Even in the present age love marriage is not easily possible in India. And not just girls even boys are forced into marriages. Today seventy out of hundred couples are not satisfied with their marriage. A man is not able to get the girl of his choice and same is the case for the girl. Still life goes on. But where there is no true joy it cannot be called life. It becomes more of a burden.

In the ancient times men used to do special Sadhanas to get a good wife. And similarly women used to perform rituals for getting a good husband. Having studied the ancient texts some special Sadhanas are being produced here for the readers of the magazine with the help of which they could make their married lives more happy and joyous. One should not hesitate in trying these Sadhanas that are meant for the success of married life. If desired things do not happen on their own then what is the harm in getting wishes fulfilled through Sadhanas?

Bhuvaneshwarj Vivaah Prayog

For early marriage

Among the ten Mahavidyas Bhuvaneshwari is the Mother Goddess who can bestow totality in married life and make it happy, prosperous and comfortable. This Sadhana can be tried by a girl of marriageable age herself or someone else can also try it on her behalf. Even a man can try it for getting a good wife.

Start this Sadhana from any Friday. Once the Sadhana has been commenced then trying it daily till the desired result is obtained. In other words chant the Mantra daily.

Early in the morning have a bath. Wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. On a mound of rice grains place a Bhuvaneshwari Yantra. With vermilion write Hreem on all four sides of the Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. First of all pray to your family deity. Then offer vermilion on the Yantra. Also offer red flowers. Pray for the fulfilment of your wish.

Then with a rock crystal rosary (Sfatik) chant one round of the following Mantra each time offering a red flower to the Goddess.

|| Om Kaamdevaay Vidmahe Pushpbaannaay Dheemahi Tanno-anang Prachodayaat ||

After the Mantra chanting collect all the flowers and tie them in a clean cloth. If the Yantra is in form of an amulet then a man should tie it on the right hand and a woman on the left.

Do this daily for 15 days. One surely gets the right match very soon.

Gandharvaraaj Chetaanaa Prayog

For quick marriage of girls

Gandharvaraaj is the deity of love, marriage and beauty. By offering prayers to him one can get married to the person of one’s choice. This is a Sadhana only for girls. Women can try it for getting good husbands too.

Start this Sadhana from a Monday and end it on a full moon day. In this period one should chant the Mantra ten thousand times. If there is some problem in a love marriage then too this Sadhana can be tried. Once Gandharvaraaj is pleased through a Sadhana he appears in a subtle form to bless the Sadhak. This Sadhana must be tried by the girl in the night. Some other family member can also try it on the behalf of the prospective bride.

In the night of Monday have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. In its centre place the amulet –Siddhi Gandharva Taabeej. Before it place a Siddhi Chakra. If one has a particular wish then write it on a paper and place it under the amulet. Light a ghee lamp and incense.

At ten in the night start the Sadhana. It is not necessary to perform this Sadhana in the place of worship rather one can also do it in the sleeping room or any other isolated spot. First of all offer seven flowers on the amulet and pray to Gandharvaraaj -O Gandharvaraaj! You are very kind. Air is your vehicle. Love is your form. Beauty is your ornament. Please help me fulfil my wish.

Next chant the following Mantra with Vishvaasu Manni rosary.

|| Om Kleem Vishvaasu Naam Gandharvah Kanyaah Naamaadhipatih Labhaami Dev-dattaam Kanyaam Suroopaam Salaankaaraam Tasmei Vishvaav-sarva Namah ||

Each day chant the Mantra with the same rosary. The number of chantings must be calculated according to the number of days from Monday to the full moon day.

In the night of full moon chant five extra rounds and tie the amulet around your waist. Place the Siddhi Chakra at home in the place of worship.

There are many more Sadhanas related to quick marriage that shall appear in the future issues of the magazine. What ever be the type of Sadhana if it is used for a good and pure cause then one surely attains to success.

Poornna Grihasth Sukh Prayog

For happy married life

Marriage means the coming together of a man and woman from two different backgrounds. Their thoughts might be different, their habits might be different but they have to live together and make the marriage a success. But many times there are quarrels and differences which result in bitterness.

If there is tension in the house one is not able to do things which one has planned. The ancient texts state – Very lucky is the person who gets a good and cooperative spouse in life.

Some times the tension due to the differences become so unbearable that married life seems to be a burden, progress in life stops and one becomes frustrated. Such a situation is not favourable for either life partner.

In such a situation Sadhana is the only means of attaining a balance and harmony in married life. Through it married life could be made more happy, successful and peaceful. When the thinking of two persons is in harmony then life surely is peaceful.

Try this Sadhana on a Monday. It is better to try this Sadhana in the months of Kaartik, Maargsheersh or Sharad. One can continue chanting one round of Mantra every Monday.

In the night of a Monday at ten start the Sadhana. If the Sadhana is accomplished at midnight then it proves even more rewarding. One needs 21 Maayaa Beejs, five Kaamya Prayog Siddh Siddhiphals and a rock crystal rosary for this Sadhana. Keep these articles ready before starting the Sadhana. Once you have started the Sadhana do not get up from the seat.

One also needs rice grains dyed yellow with turmeric, an oil lamp and red cloth. With vermilion draw a circle and in its centre write Kleem. All around it place the five Kaamya Siddhi Phals. Then in another circle place the 21 Maayaa Beejs. Meditate on the from of Kaamaakshi Devi and pray to her to give success in married life. Make a mark of vermilion on each Maayaa Beej. Then chant the following Mantra 21 times each time offering rice rains on one Maayaa Beej. Also with each chanting pickup the rice grains and Maayaa Beej and throw behind yourself over your shoulder.

Dhaam Dheem Dhoom Dhoorjateh Patnee Vaam Veem Voom Vaagdheeshwaree.
Kraam Kreem Kroom Kaalikaa Devee,
Shaam Sheem Shoom Me Shubham Kuru.

Offer saffron on each Siddhiphal and also offer rice grains and vermilion. Each time chant the Mantra. Then picking each Siddhiphal put it in a clean cloth chanting the Mantra. Tie the cloth and place it under your bed. This is a very, easy ritual. By chanting the Mantra regularly one can make life even more peaceful and happy.

A unique Sadhana for getting rid of spirits!

Home is the basis of life – the basis of progress in life and the resting place. On the occasion of Navratri we present here a wonderful article that reveals a very important aspect related to one’s home.

The title of the article might seem a bit strange, for one often comes to hear that a person is afflicted by spirits but very few people know that even a house could be troubled by ghosts and might be haunted. But this is a truth. And most people remain oblivious of this fact. The evil effect of the spirits that haunt the house can so influence the mental process of a person living in it that he could become perturbed without seemingly any reason and may not ever know what the reason is.

If we go through the history of mankind then we find that it is replete with such instances in which houses have been haunted by evil spirits due to which those living in them have even lost their lives. The list of such haunted houses is very long. And not just ordinary houses even palaces and mansions have been under such evil influence. Wordsworth house and Tower of London have become famous because of such influence. Many times ghosts have appeared and they simply walk through living human beings. Many times guards have sworn that they saw a rider on horse back. Sometimes bells start to toll even though no one has ever touched them.

In general life such things are not discussed because they are thought to be a taboo or a part of fiction. But it is a fact that if a family is living in such a house then the safety, the future and the progress of all family members is in jeopardy. In my own life I have seen many such houses which are haunted and the families living in them have had to go through strange experiences. And the amazing thing was that they hardly realised that the reason for this was the evil influence over the house.

Long time back I was living in a house as a tenant. Within a week of shifting into the house I started to realise that I felt disturbed without any reason. I did not even feel like doing Sadhana or any work. I thought it was because I had shifted to a new place that I was not able to concentrate in any work.

But then after a few days I discovered to my amazement that things that I left at some place would later be found lying elsewhere. I never moved them and yet they would be displaced. This did not perturb me much but then I started to realise that as soon as I would sit for Sadhana some dark shadows would start to dance around me. As I was living on the ground floor I thought that it was due to lack of natural light. I had a new tubelight installed but nothing changed. In fact slowly I became mentally disturbed and strange thoughts started to enter my mind. I approached the owner of the house and tried to know from him and his wife about the land on which the house had been built. But strangely enough they were not forthcoming with any information.

Another strange thing was that the owners were a childless couple and although the husband was perfectly healthy he had had an attack of paralysis and had been confined to the bed for past several years.

Then one day I came to know from the man who used to deliver milk that the house had been built on land that was once part of a graveyard. Under the very spot over which I had my room a grave had been discovered when the land was dug. But the owner did not pay heed to warnings and he built a house. Later there were problems and on the advice of a Muslim Fakir he had an alcove built in a wall.

The facts revealed by the milk man seemed authentic for there sure was an alcove in my room. Moreover some distance from the house there still was a graveyard. It seemed to me that someone had sold the land from the graveyard after misappropriating it and the owner had bought it because it came at throwaway price.

If a person is infatuated with his wealth, possessions, land or house then after death his spirit keeps haunting the place. One can know of the ghostly presence from strange noises, sound of someone walking about or whispers.

Once I lived in a house whose dead owner used to take a bath several times in a day. Many times in the night and some times even at night one could hear water falling in the bathroom and water flowing out of the drain that came out of the bathroom. Once the family living there stayed away from home for two months but water would still come out of the bathroom.

Many times the spirits are harmless and they haunt houses because they feel deeply attached to them. They do not harm anyone. But sometimes the spirits might become evil because they cannot tolerate anyone living in their former homes. A spirit could be harmless or evil it does have an adverse effect on the psyche of an individual.

I have had another experience of living in a haunted house. I had been living in the house for about one month when around midnight one day I heard strange noise as if someone was falling to the ground. I got up and ran out to find my younger brother lying unconscious. When he recovered his senses he said that he had got up to go to toilet when he saw a ghostly figure dressed in a British suit and hat trying to see the hour in his watch in the moonlight. The sight made my brother lose consciousness. I told him that maybe he was in sleep and might have been dreaming.

From that night onwards he started to sleep with me and he never went out during the night. It was clear that he had not been convinced by my reasoning.

About fifteen days later the owner of the house came to inspect his home. I asked him about his family history. From a room he fetched an old photo album and started to show it to us. On the very first page was the photo of the person my brother had seen. The owner said that it was the photo of his dead father. When we heard this we were left dumbstruck and within a few days we decided to change the place of our residence.

There are many indications that can tell that a person is living in a haunted house. Strange sounds, sound of foot steps, a feeling of strange fear, feeling that someone is standing nearby, a feeling of strange darkness in the house, feeling of sadness, illness without any reason, frequent quarrels among family members etc. are some indications which tell that a house could be haunted. Some times the situation could become worse and there could be danger to life of the person living there.

Houses are not bought everyday. An ordinary man cannot purchase and sell houses daily. It is after years of labour that one saves enough to be able to build or buy a house. And if the house or the land turns out to be haunted then such a person has no option but to bear with the disturbance.

However living in a haunted house is a great misfortune for oneself as well as for one’s children. The best course in such a situation is to try some Sadhana while there still is time.

For Sadhanas the days of Navratri are very powerful and effective. I am presenting here a Sadhana for warding off evil influence from a house which is very quick acting and powerful.

Moreover one can also try this Sadhana even if there is no such influence. Navratri is a time when success in every Sadhana becomes assured.

For protection of a house from evil, for warding off evil, for protecting the family members and to get rid of ghosts and spirits the best Sadhana is that of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman being one of the eleven Rudras is very easy to please and he is the master of all spirits and ghosts.

The house graced by the presence of Lord Hanuman can never be troubled by any ghost or spirit. The Sadhaks should make the best use of this wonderful occasion by trying Shree Hanuman Sadhana for the good of their families.

One can start this Sadhana on the first night of Navratri at 11 pm. Wear red clothes and sit facing South. On a wooden seat covered with red cloth place a Hanuman Yantra in a plate of copper.

Place as many Tantrokt Nariyals before the Yantra as the number of doors to your house. Also place before yourself a picture of Lord Hanuman seated in Veer Aasan or carrying a mountain.

Offer vermilion and red flowers on the Yantra. Also offer jaggery and pure ghee to the Lord. Do not use fragrance in this Sadhana. After this make marks of vermilion on the Tantrokt Nariyals. Light an oil lamp and with a red coral rosary chant one round of the following Mantra.

|| Om Shree Mahaanjanaay Pavan Putra-aaveshay-aaveshay Hoom Shree Hanumate Phat ||

The above Mantra might appear difficult to pronounce but this is a very powerful Mantra in each alphabet of which divine energy is instilled. One might feel during the Sadhana that some external power is trying to shake one’s body. The rosary might for example fall from the hand. But this is because of the tremendous power of the Mantra. So do not be afraid. If the Mantra chanting is disrupted start again.

After the Mantra chanting place one Tantrokt Nariyal on each main door in the house. Next day leave the Tantrokt Nariyal and Yantra and rosary in some sacred place or bury these articles in the South direction from your home.

Due to the above Sadhana not only is the house purified rather due to the grace of Lord Hanuman one makes quick progress in life. If one regularly performs Sadhanas of Lord Hanuman then one gains a lot.

The day you try this Sadhana eat only fruit and milk, avoid useless talk and maintain celibacy. If one is not pure in one’s thoughts then one cannot benefit from Hanuman Sadhana.

Health Happiness Totality

Dharmaraaj Yamaraaj Namo Namah

The Lord of death, Yamaraj, is also called Dharmaraaj or the Lord of justice. It is Yamaraj who decides the amount of pain, suffering, fear and sorrow that one would suffer in life. In the face of these negative influences no human being can make progress in life.

Mental disturbances lead to loss of vital life energy. To balance this situation one not only needs to pray to all deities, rather one also needs to worship Yamaraj.

The cause of mental and physical affliction in a person’s life are his past life Karmas and the Karmas of the present life.

One can surely control and change the present Karmas or worldly actions but how can one neutralise the adverse effect of the Karmas of the past life due to which one might be suffering from obstacles, pain and misfortune in the present life?

The famous ancient text Mantra Mahodadhi states –

Paathah Sanyut-megh-sannibhatanuh Pradyotanasyaatmajo,
Nrinnaam Punnyakritaam Shubhaavahapuh Paapeeyasaam Dukhkrit.
Shree Madaksheenn-dikpatir-mahish-gobhushaam-bharaalang Krito,
Dhyey Sanyamaneepatih Pitrigan-swaami Yamo Dand Bhrit.

i.e. I pray to Lord Yamaraj who has a complexion like a dark rain-laden cloud, who is the son of Sun, who blesses good action with boons, who punishes bad action, who travels on a he-buffalo, who wears so many ornaments, who is the ruler of spirits and hell and who wields a mace.

It is clear from this verse that Yamaraj is the son of Sun. Hence by worshipping Yamaraj one also gets the blessings of Sun. Sun represents one’s personality and all other planets revolve around him. The above verse is actually the Dhyan Mantra of Lord Yamaraj.

Dharmraj Sadhana

As explained earlier the basic cause of all problems in human life are past Karmas and it is Lord Dharmaraj or Yamaraj who decides how to punish a person for his bad actions. Thus through the Sadhana of Dharmaraaj one gains totality – physically, in one’s mind and at work. Through this Sadhana one is able to control all diseases.

All one’s actions effect not only the individual but also his family. Hence Dharmaraaj Sadhana is very essential for the protection of all family members. It is stated in the Rahasya Tantram text –

Mrityunjayen Putitam Dharmraajasya Mantra Japet. Sarvopdrav Santyakto Labhate Vaanchhitam Phalam.

i.e. A person who chants the Dharmaraaj Mantra that has been prefixed and suffixed with the Mrityunjay Mantra is freed of all problems and all his wishes are fulfilled.

More painful than physical illness is mental trouble. Due to disturbance of mind a person becomes prey to worries and he cannot make any progress in his life.

The cause of mental disturbance are problems in family life, trouble from the state side, obstacles in tasks and physical illness. By making the mind pure and tension free the physique could also be made fit. And for this the best Sadhana is Dharmaraj Sadhana.

Due to this Sadhana one is not only able to find solutions to the problems of the present rather one is also able to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

The person who attains victory over fear is able to win the whole world. Through Dharmaraj Sadhana this very thing is possible provided one has faith, devotion and patience.

Special time and days are designated for all Sadhanas so that one could attain to success in the very first attempt by trying the Sadhana in auspicious moments. One can try any Sadhana any time in the whole year.

But if particular Sadhanas are started or accomplished in auspicious moments then the result gets magnified several folds.

As Lord Yamaraj is the son of Sun hence try this Sadhana on a Sunday.

The Sadhana Process

For this Sadhana one needs special Sadhana articles. These are 11 Gomti Chakras, 11 Hakeek stones and a seasonal fruit (water melon would be best). One also needs lamp black, incense, sweets, vermilion, red sandalwood paste and flowers.

At night have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with a red cloth. On it with lamp black draw a triangle large enough so that a water melon or the chosen fruit can be placed in it. Arrange 9 Hakeek stones and 9 Gomti Chakras in a way so that each arm of the triangle has four Chakras and stones. Then at the base of the triangle place two stones and two Chakras. In the centre place the fruit.


Accomplish this Sadhana at night only. Light an oil lamp and incense. First of all worship the Guru and then having arranged the Sadhana articles as indicated before start the Sadhana.

First of all take water in the right palm and chant the following Mantra once.

Mam Sakalaapadaam Vinaashanaay
Sarvarogaannaam Prashamanaay Shree
Dharmaraaj Mantra-japham-karishye.

Let the water flow to the ground. Then chant the Dhyan Mantra given earlier 21 times. Each time place your hand on a different Gomti Chakra. Thus each Gomti Chakra has to be energised with the Dhyan Mantra.

Each time also wish for riddance from your problems. Speak out the problems one at a time clearly in your mind. Think of one problem only at a time as you chant 21 times. Thereafter with a black Hakeek rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

||Om Hreem Krom Aam Veivasvataay||
Dharmaraajaay Bhaktaanugrah-krite Namah.

Do the Sadhana daily for seven days and surely you shall have the desired result.

On first day after the Sadhana cut the melon and offer it to the Lord. Then eat it seated at the same place.

After completion of Sadhana tie all articles in the cloth and leave it under a Peepul tree or drop in a river.

It is said in Uddees Tantra –

Mrityormaa Nityam Yah Karoti Dine


Dine Tasya Rogaah Prannayanti

Deerghaayushcha Prajaayate.

i.e. The person who chants Dharmaraaj Mantra daily is freed of all pains and afflictions and he attains to longevity. Dharmaraaj is the son of Sun and the brother of Venus.

Hence through the Sadhana of Dharmaraaj the boons of Venus Sadhana are also obtained. It is when all problems are neutralised that happiness in life is attained.

In the present age this Sadhana is very fruitful and divine and it surely produces the desired result. For success in life and in one’s tasks one should surely try this Sadhana. If possible daily chant the Mantra before going to sleep each night.

One should not only consume good and healthy food, rather one should also pray regularly to one’s deity and meditate daily. In order to keep the body healthy and to get rid of the fear of sudden death, one should worship Lord Shiva instead of offering prayers to Yama, the Lord of death.


Lord Shiva is called Mahamrityunjay i.e. one who has conquered death. Death does not mean just the end of physical life, rather diseases and pain are also forms of death. Every Sadhak should daily worship Lord Mahamrityunjay and chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra.

Om Houm Joom Sah. Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritaat.

Riddance from Evil Spirits

Is your family troubled by evil ghosts or spirits? Or is some relative or acquaintance worried on this account? If yes, then do try this Sadhana for the food of your family and the society at large.

Due to some misconceptions the ordinary man shivers at the mention of the word ghost. This is chiefly because of the fearful picture created in the mind of the populace by unscrupulous individuals who falsely claim to be Tantra experts. Actually they do so just to exploit fear of the people and to make a quick buck thus. The facts related to spirits are completely different from the false beliefs that are prevalent.

Spirits do not have grotesque forms and neither do they intend any harm to anybody. They are just wondering souls whose wishes in worldly life have remained unfulfilled. All that they wish for is freedom from their infatuations. Sometimes with the desire of fulfilment of some wish or longing they enter into some person’s body and this can lead to a complete change in personality, ailments, mental disturbances etc.

No remedy then works in curing that ailment or problem. The only method then left is to drive away the spirit. For this presented here is a very powerful ritual.

On a Saturday night wear black or brown clothes. Spread a red cloth over a wooden seat. Sit facing South. On each corner of the cloth place an iron nail. Then take a thread and wind it around the seat. Draw a human figure on a piece of paper with pen and place it in middle of the cloth. On head of the figure place a Taamra Sarpa and on its torso place a Bhoot Bandh Chetak. Sprinkle vermilion over these. Light incense. Place a copper tumbler filled with water nearby. Take some water in your palm and sprinkle it all around you.

Then take water in the right palm and pray for riddance of spirit from the body of the person afflicted. Let the water flow to the ground.

Then with a Black Hakeek rosary chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra.

||Ayeim Kreem Kreem Khrim Khrim Khichi Khichi Bhootnaathaay Pishaachaay Khrim Khrim Phat.||

Let the incense burn for the whole course of Sadhana. If the spirit appears during Sadhana or if you feel some subtle presence then take water in the right palm and sprinkle it in South direction.

After completion of Mantra chanting offer the water in tumbler to the afflicted person to drink. Tie the nails, Bhoot Bandh Chetak and Taamra Sarpa in the red cloth and then bury it far from human habitation in the South direction from home at least a foot under the earth. If the person still feels unwell then on the next Saturday chant one round of the Mantra with a copper tumbler before you. Offer water to the afflicted person to drink. Do this every Saturday till he or she recovers fully.

This is a very powerful Sadhana and I have helped hundreds of individuals through this amazing ritual.

Bhoot Bhavyam Cha Yad Gyaanam Anen Pratidheeyataam

Mastering which you shall be able to look into the future on any person

Even the Western astrologer Cheiro had mastered Panchanguli Sadhana by the virtue of which he could make absolutely accurate predictions. He had come to India to master this Sadhana and it is because of this knowledge gained by him that his books are considered so authentic.

If a person wishes to be an astrologer and make predictions about others he should have confidence in himself and he should sound convincing. And this confidence comes only through Siddhi in some Sadhana. The power of Sadhana actually boosts the confidence of a person and helps him predict accurately by study of the lines of the palm or the horoscope.

You might ask why a common man needs such a Sadhana. The reason is that every person is curious about his future. If suppose you know that someone is going to fall ill in your house in a few days then you can take adequate precautions to prevent it. You could thus reduce the problem by acting in time. Or suppose you are a businessman and before time you come to know that the period ahead is very favourable for you then you could make good gains and benefit a lot financially.

It is the inherent nature of man to speculate about one’s future or know about the future by some means or other. Questions keep rising in the mind like – Is there any divine energy in the universe with which one could form a permanent link? Is there some way though which one could know everything about anyone’s past, present or future? Such questions do arise in one’s mind some time or other.

Today there exists several systems through which the past and the future can be unveiled and some of these are – Palmistry, Napoleon Theory, Predictive astrology, Tarot cards and so on so forth.

The most popular among these is palmistry in which lines of the palm are read in order to reveal about one’s past, present and future. These lines appear to be nothing more than a crisscross of strange natural segments but to an expert palmist they are very meaningful and can reveal a lot about an individual’s life.

No two persons in the world have similar lines on the palm. Even the slightest of difference can result in very different events in life. There can be no doubt that the past, present and future lie hidden in these lines but one needs to gain the capability and power to read them accurately and make predictions having linked oneself to the divine energies present in the universe. Till a direct link of one’s soul is not formed with these energies one cannot make correct predictions about the future. It is only through this link that one could have the full and authentic knowledge of one’s past, present or future.

Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are systems through which this link can be formed and then one could bring about a favourable transformation in one’s life and lead a happy, joyous and successful existence.

The power to look into the past or future is not limited to a category of individuals or to just Sadhus or Yogis. Even a common man can through Sadhanas gain such powers and change his and others life completely.

Everyone wishes most to know about the future and for this purpose Panchanguli Sadhana is considered best. Having successfully accomplished it a person can very easily peek into the past, present or future of any person.

Panch-anguli is the deity of Kaal Gyaan i.e. who can help one know about Time. Through her Sadhana a person could easily foresee future mishaps and avoid the same in time. Also it is through Her Sadhana that a person could become expert in Palmistry and a reliable soothsayer.

In the ancient times the Yogis, Sadhus and Sanyasis used to accomplish this Sadhana and having mastered it they used to help people know about the future events in their lives. Thus those who consulted them were able to achieve great success and prosperity in their lives as they were able to act in time. But then this Sadhana disappeared because some cunning individuals decided that if everyone mastered it they would lose their importance. Hence this Sadhana became very rare. Then times changed and people again started to show interest in this science of prediction and as a result the Sadhana came out in the open. This was a harsh blow to the cunning Sadhus who wanted to limit this knowledge to themselves. This also put an end to the corruption of certain so called astrologers who used to exploit the poor common man on the basis of their knowledge.

Once this Sadhana is accomplished successfully then one need not depend on such unscrupulous individuals and one could even use one’s knowledge for the benefit of others.

No sooner does a person appear before a Siddh of Panchanguli, the former’s future and past flashes before the eyes of the expert. A Siddh of Panchanguli can foresee future accidents and problems and take adequate measures before time to protect himself. Also he can guide others too and help others avoid mishaps and accidents in their lives by warning them in time.

It is one of the greatest fortunes of life to accomplish this Sadhana. This Sadhana is also prescribed before one tries any other Sadhana so that one could beforehand know about the problems that might arise in the course of those rituals and take proper measures to remedy them.

During the Mahabharata war Dhritrashtra felt frustrated as he was blind and hence incapable of viewing the events. But Lord Krishna bestowed divine vision upon Sanjay and seated in Hastinapur Sanjay could see everything that occurred and relate it to Dhritrashtra. This divine vision was gained by Sanjay through the medium of Sadhana given to him by Lord Krishna and through it he could even see the past, present or future. The power is already present in every human, it has only to be activated through the medium of Sadhana. If along with Panchanguli Mantra the Kaal Gyaan Mantra too is chanted then one can surely gain this divine vision. Then the person whose future you want to know need not even be near you. One can then know anything about any person present anywhere in the world. Presented here is the Panchanguli Sadhana.

The Sadhana
Om Namo Panchaanguli Panchaanguli


Parashari Maataa Mayamangal Vashikaranni

Lohamaya Dand Mannini Chounsatth Kaam

Vihandani Raaulmadhye Shatrumadhye

Deewaanmadhye Bhootmadhye Pretmadhye

Pishaachmadhye Jhontingmadhye

Daakinimadhye Shankhinimadhye

Yakshinnimadhye Doshinnimadhye

Shokanimadhye Gunneemadhye

Gaarudeemadhye Vinaareemadhye Doshmadhye

Doshaasharannmadhye Dushtmadhye Ghor Kasht

Mujh Oopar Jo Koi Kare Karaave Jade Jadaave

Chinte Chintaave Tas Maathe Shree Maataa

PAnchanguli Devi Tanno Vajra Nirdhaar Pade

Om Ttham Ttham Ttham Swaahaa.

  • One needs a Panchanguli Yantra and Siddhi rosary both of which should be Mantra energised and consecrated.
  • It can be tried on the second, fifth, seventh day of bright fortnight or on day of full moon.
  • It is a morning ritual and must be accomplished between 4 am and 6 am.
  • It should be accomplished in an isolated place where there is no disturbance or noise.
  • On a yellow mat sit facing East and wear Yellow clothes.
  • On a wooden seat covered with yellow clothes place a picture and Yantra of Goddess Panchanguli.
  • With vermilion draw Swastik on Yantra.
  • Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati and Guru.
  • Next offer prayers to the Yantra offering sixteen articles – vermilion, sweets, water, flowers, rice grains, sandalwood paste, milk, honey, curd, ghee, cloves, betel nut, betel leaves, sugar, mouli (holy red thread) and Panchamrit (mixture of milk, water, honey, curd and ghee).

    Next chant the following Mantra meditating on the form of the Goddess.

    Panchanguli Mahaadevi Shree Seemaandhar Shaasane.


    Adhishtthaatri Karasyaasou Shaktih Shree Tridasheshituh.

  • Take water in the right palm and pledge that you are chanting the Panchanguli Mantra for gain of divine vision. Next with a Sfatik rosary chant one round of the following Mantra.
  • Do this regularly for 7 days.
  • Chant the Mantra at the same time daily.
  • After completion of the Sadhana throw the Sadhana articles in a river or pond.

Follow the following rules during the course of Sadhana.

  • Maintain celibacy during the Sadhana days.
  • Have a bath before Sadhana.
  • Sleep on the floor.
  • Maintain purity of body and mind.
  • Avoid talking too much.
  • Eat only pure food.
  • Chant the Mantra with full devotion. Do not move or get up during the Mantra chanting.
  • A ghee lamp should keep burning during the Sadhana.

If the Sadhana is tried with full faith and devotion one surely attains to success and one is able to look into anyone’s past, present or future.

Sadhana articles for this Sadhana shall be sent free of cost to those who make two annual subscription members for the magazine from among their friends and help expand the Siddhashram Sadhak Parivar.

Do you lack self confidence ?


Are you not able to fulfil your wishes ?

Is your spouse attracted by some other individual ?

Do you find it hard to impress others ?

Find solutions to these problems in the following Sadhana.

Fresh leaves of dew gleamed like pearls on the leaves of the trees, a thin mist hung in the air and a cool breeze made one feel spirited and lively.

Suddenly a dazzling radiance caught the attention and careful observation revealed a Sadhu seated on a boulder deep in meditation. He sat absolutely still with only his lips moving in inaudible prayer as he chanted some Mantras.

A divine aura played around his holy form and he looked really attractive and captivating. Just a glance at him was enough to make one become lost in a deep spiritual feeling. He was divinely handsome and attractive and one felt drawn towards him.

He was a great Yogi – Swami Shreyanand who had successfully accomplished rare Tantra Sadhanas. It was due to the power of those Sadhanas that he looked so divine and unique.

A rare Sadhana derived from him is being revealed here which is simply remarkable and unfailing especially if tried with faith and concentration. By mastering this Sadhana a Sadhak can instil a divine radiance in his body.

He had revealed that Trilochana is a Goddess whose complexion is like that of the rising sun. The complexion is red like vermilion and she possesses heavenly beauty. If her grace is obtained she makes the Sadhak look so beautiful and charming that anyone who sees him or her is left mesmerised.

Who would not wish to accomplish such a Sadhana? Who would not wish to possess a divine radiance on one’s face? Who would not wish to look attractive enough to enchant everyone around? Attractiveness means that others should be automatically pulled towards you, they must feel like talking to you, they must feel like touching you and getting closer to you.

Everyone wishes to be so attractive, beautiful and captivating. Not just humans even Apsaras and the gods want to look mesmerising and they keep endeavouring in this direction.

Trilochana is a goddess who once pleased with the devotion of the Sadhak bestows upon him an attractive personality which no one can resist.

Trilochana Aakarshann Sadhana is a Tantra ritual which finds mention in the Tripura Tantra and Bhoot Daamar texts. It is an important and rare Sadhana by accomplishing which successfully one regains lost youth and beauty.

On accomplishment of this ritual a person gains the following.

  • If one’s spouse is attracted by someone else then through this ritual his or her love can be regained.
  • Through this Sadhana lost health can be gained.
  • A weak and old person can regain youth.
  • One can hypnotise any person with this Sadhana.
  • One can become beautiful, strong and gain a radiant personality through this Sadhana.
  • One can free oneself of all frustrations and complexes through this Sadhana.
  • One can give a boost to one’s self confidence.
  • If a person wishes to win the heart of a person of opposite sex with a view to marry him or her it can be done through this Sadhana.
  • After accomplishment of this ritual a Sadhak can make anyone comply to one’s wishes.
  • By accomplishing it one can gain success in any task.
  • After successful accomplishment of this Sadhana a divine radiance appears around one’s physique.
  • It is a rare and remarkable Sadhana and its result is soon experienced by the Sadhak if he tries it with faith.

It is a wonderful Sadhana for enchanting others. When even divine beings like Rambha and Urvashi can be made to succumb to the enchanting powers of this Sadhana then what to say of human beings.

It is the best Sadhana and amazing too. Every Sadhak should surely try it. If a woman tries it then she can gain youth, beauty and attraction that are unique.

She becomes so mesmerising as a result of the ritual that any man who looks at her cannot hold himself back from talking to her or staring at her. And id she even glances at him for a moment, he is left totally captivated.

Any person whether a man or woman can try this Sadhana. It is a unique and amazing ritual with simply miraculous powers. It can be tried on any Friday or Sunday.

Sadhana Procedure

Get up in Brahm Muhurat (4 am to 6 am) and have a bath. Alternatively this Sadhana can be tried at midnight. Wear white clothes and sit on a white woollen or cotton mat facing North. Sit with the legs crossed.

Before yourself place the Trilochana Aakarshann Yantra and Sammohan Gutika on a wooden seat covered with white cloth. After this offer prayers to the Guru and pray to Him for success. Offer vermilion, flowers, sweets and rice grains on the Yantra and Gutika and light a ghee lamp and incense.

Then take a deep breath and speak out
for as long as your breath lasts. Do this three times. Chant one round of the Guru Mantra. Then with a Trilochana rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

||Om Hoom Ayeim Aakarshann Vashikarannaay Phat||

After the Mantra chanting sing Guru Aarti and distribute the sweets among family members. Avoid useless talking during the day.

After the Sadhana drop the Yantra, Gutika and rosary in a river or pond. Do this the next day.

Eternal Youth

Nitya Youvan Sampannah Ratikaam Prayogatah –

A person can remain ever youthful through Kaamdev Rati Sadhana

An amazing ritual obtained from Anang Upanishad that for ages has been thought to have disappeared and that has just been rediscovered.

Youth means freshness, vigour and beauty. Just before a flower is in full bloom it looks most appealing and one feels like staring at it for hours. Its beauty fills the heart with true joy and if the flower is fragrant then it becomes even more attractive.

Beauty and charm of the young age are similar. Beauty is not limited to a fair complexion, sharp features or age. It is the natural expression of positive feelings from within through medium of the body. One cannot suppress or hide this expression.

Life can be a wonderful experience but if it is devoid of freshness, newness, joy, sweetness, love then it becomes a burden. Living life to full is an art and you can learn this art. Then it would be possible for you to lead a unique existence, then your life shall be fragrant like a rose and shall be always progressive.

Anang Upanishad

The god and goddess of love are Kaamdev and Rati. While Kaamdev is the epitome of manliness and handsomeness, Rati is an epitome of female beauty and charm. So many texts, novels, poems have been written on love and beauty and no other subject has attracted so much attention.

Not just Tantra texts but the Sanskrit poems too contain reference to Kaamdev Rati Sadhana but very less has been written on how this Sadhana is accomplished and how one can make one’s life more beautiful through it.

Not every woman is beautiful and attractive from birth. Similarly not every man is handsome. Then is it possible for a man to be as manly as Kaamdev and a woman to be as charming as Rati? Is it possible through the medium of Sadhana to become youthful, attractive and appealing ?

Sadhana means to achieve the impossible. Sadhana means to gain something that is beyond reach by normal means. And Kaamdev Rati Prayog is one such ritual. It is the very basis of life. To remove the element of love from life is like making a flower lose its fragrance. Without fragrance a flower is useless. Its beauty is in its fragrance. Similarly love is the fragrance of life. To think otherwise is showing disrespect towards the best gift of nature.

Who can try this Sadhana ?

Anyone can try this Sadhana specially if –

  • One feels lazy, there is feeling of frustration in life and one is failing to achieve the desired success in life.
  • You are not able to impress others and have to beg for favours.
  • You feel physically weak, there are differences in married life or constant dispute with the spouse.
  • You wish to captivate some person at any cost because you sincerely love him or her.
  • You wish others to respect you and want yourself to be the centre of attraction in your friend circle.
  • You wish to speed up your progress in your work.
  • You suffer from some health problem.
  • You are a woman and wish to look more beautiful or you wish for a happy married life.
  • You wish to marry a person of your choice.

In any of the above situations Kaamdev Rati Sadhana can work wonders. One should not hesitate in trying this Sadhana for it can bring joy in your life. It is a process of making the physique and the mind overflow with enthusiasm and vigour.

When to try it ?

This Sadhana does not require any auspicious or special moments. It can be tried on any day in the night. But because it is a Sadhana linked with beauty Friday will be more suitable.

Anang Upanishad is a unique text that is based on this Sadhana and the subject of beauty. Each word of the text is authentic. The ancient Rishis included in it very powerful Mantra rituals which are as efficacious as the Vedic Sadhanas. This Sadhana is as important in human life as any other Sadhana for it tries to fill life with joy, music and pleasure

It is quite true that to achieve totality in life one should have control over one’s sexual passion. But totality cannot be attained by curbing the instinct of love. For perfect control one has to first enjoy to the full. Only then can one lead a complex life.

Sadhana Articles

One needs Anang Yantra, Rati Preeti Saptabindu Mudrika and Aanand Manjari rosary for this Sadhana. Besides one needs garlands, camphor, incense, fragrance, vermilion, Aamla (Embelic myrobalan), Sandalwood paste, flowers, leaves of some tree, yellow cloth, white, red & yellow colors. In the Sadhana the eight step worship of Kaamdev is accomplished for total success.

Sadhana Procedure

It is said in Anang Upanishad that before starting Sadhana one should bring leaves of some tree and wash them with water chanting

Ashokaa Namastubhyam Kaamastree Shokanaashanah.

i.e. O Vriksh Dev, I pray to Lord Kaamdev through whole worship all sorrows in life can be destroyed. May Kaamdev & Rati fill my life with joy.

Cover the leaves with a yellow cloth and place it in the place of worship at home. Make eight mounds of rice grains and on each place a Laghu Nariyal. Offer prayers to the eight forms of Kaamdev namely Kaam, Bhasm Shareer, Anang, Manmath, Vasantsakhaa, Smar, Ikshudhanurdhar and Pushpbaann. For this offer following articles on each Laghu Nariyal chanting the respective Mantra.

  • Om Kleem Kaamaay Namah (Camphor)
  • Om Kleem Bhasmashareeraay Namah.(Gorochan)
  • Om Kleem Anangaay Namah. (Fragrance)
  • Om Kleem Manmathaay Namah. (Incense)
  • Om Kleem Vasantsakhaay Namah. (Vermilion)
  • Om Klaam Smaraay Namah. (Aamla)
  • Om Kleem Ikshudhanurdharaay Namah. (Sandalwood Paste)
  • Om Kleem Pushpbaannaay Namah. (Flowers)

Place before yourself Anang Yantra and a Rati Preeti Mudrika. On them offer the leaves chanting the following Mantra five times.

Sarva Ratnamayee Naath Daamneem Vanmaalikaam.


Grihaann Dev Poojaarth Sarvagandhmayeem Vibho.

Also offer sweets and a betel nut. Light a ghee lamp and place it on right side of Yantra. Basis of this Sadhana is Kaamgaayatri Mantra which is very powerful. After worship the Mantra should be chanted with joy and enthusiasm. Five rounds should be chanted with Aanand Manjari rosary.

||Kaamdevaay Vidmahe Pushpbaannaay Dheemahi Tanno Anangah Prachodayat||

After the chanting offer flowers on the Yantra and pray thus – O God and Goddess of love who fill this world with the spirit of love and pleasure I bow to you. Please bless me and fulfil my wishes.

The Sadhak should thereafter chant one round of the Mantra daily. After Sadhana tie Yantra and Mudrika in a yellow cloth along with some flowers and place them in place of worship. Whenever going out on some important task take this packet along. This is a really powerful Sadhana and daily chanting of Mantra manifests wonderful results.

Mrityubhayam Vinaashaay Mrityunjayam Prasaadhayet –


One can win over even death through Mrityunjaya Sadhana

Lord Shiva has more different divine forms than any other deity in the world. In Yajurved he has been worshipped in an angry form, in the Upanishads in benevolent forms of Ashutosh and Shankar, in Puraans in form of Girijapati, the Lord of beauty. Then He is also famous as Neelkantth who consumed the poison to save the Gods, and Natraaj , Lord of dance.

But the most benevolent and important of his forms is that of Mahaamrityunjaya – the Lord who has conquered death. Through his worship, Sadhana and meditation one can banish the fear of death forever from one’s life. This is why Maarkandey Rishi sang – Chandrashekharaashraye Mam Kim Karishyati Vei Yamah i.e. when I am in the protection of Lord Chandrashekhar then how can Yama, the Lord of death harm me.

Longevity and Good Health are first requirements of a happy life and every person wishes for them. This is why one keeps praying for them daily and also seeks recourse of medicines and tonics. But Mahamrityunjay Sadhana is the best means to this goal, for through it a Sadhak can forever remain young and disease free and lead a very joyful life.

According to Atharvaveda after Brahma had created this world the earth became overcrowded and overpopulated. It became difficult to even breath. Suddenly fire started to pour out of Brahma’s eyes and destroy the creatures. Lord Shiva was moved by their plight and and prayed to the Lord to stop the annihilation. The fire disappeared and the process of death was created to rid the earth of extra creatures. The force of death was instructed to lead creatures into the arm of eternal sleep from time to time. The weapon that death was given was disease and this proved to be the cause of death for the creatures. To this day a creature dies because it becomes afflicted by some ailment.

Everyone has to die some day. Jaatasya Hi Dhruvo Mrityuh i.e. one who is born has to die one day. But death should not be untimely. For this the ancient Rishis and Yogis devised means through which untimely death can be prevented. The best among these means is Mahamrityunjaya Sadhana.

Mahamrityunjaya – the bestower of elixir

Lord Shiva consumes the poison of problems of his devotees and bestows upon them elixir of health and divine boons. Among the various forms of the Lord, Mahamrityunjaya is considered best.

Mrityunjaya Japam Nityam Yah Karoti Dine Dine. Tasya Rogaah Prannashyanti Deerghaayushcham Prajaayate.

i.e. The person who daily chants Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is freed of all ailments and attains longevity.

It is said in Rudrayaamal text –

Mrityunajyasya Mantram Vei Japate Yadi Maanushah. Koti Varsha Shatam Sthitvaa Leeno Bhavati Brahmanni.

i.e. One who daily chants the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra lives long and after death his soul fuses with the form of Lord Shiva.

Paarad Shivaling

The divine Mahamrityunjaya form of the Lord is present in a Paarad Shivaling i.e. a Shivaling made from consecrated and solidified mercury. Very unfortunate are those who do not have a Paarad Shivaling at home. In tis Sadhana one needs a Paarad Shivaling and three Madhuroopen Rudrakshas. One should try it with full faith. Place the Paarad Sivaling along with the three Rudrakshas before yourself. Take flowers in both hands and offer them on the Shivaling chanting thus-

Hastaabhyaam Kalashadwayaamrit Rasei-raaplaavayantam Shiro, Dwaabhyaam Tou Dadhatam Mrigaashavalaye Dwaabhyaam Vahantam Param. Ankanyast-kar-dwayaamritghatam Kailaash-kaantam Shivam, Swachhaambhojagatam. Navendumukutam Devam Trinetram Bhaje.

i.e. I pray to Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva who holds two pots of divine elixir in his two hands, who sits on the Kailash mountain on a lotus flower and who has a moon ornamenting his forehead.

Take water in the right palm and chant thus –

Asya Shree Trayambak Mantrasya Vashishtth Rishih Anushtup Chhandah Trayambak Paarvati Patirdevataa Tram Beejam, Bam Shakti, Kam Keelakam, Mam Sarva Rog Nivritaye Sarva Kaarya Siddhaye Akaal Mrityu Nivritaye Mahaamrityunjaya Trayambak Mantra Jape Viniyogah.

Then let the water flow on to the ground.


This is done to assimilate the divine powers of the Rishi who created these Mantras in different parts of the body. Chanting thus touch part of the body indicated.

Om Vashishtth Rishaye Namah Shirasi.(head)

Om Anushtup Chhandase Namah Mukhe.(mouth)

Om Trayambakam Devataayei Namah Hridaye.(heart)

Om Tram Beejaay Namah Guhaye.(sex organs)

Om Bam Shaktaye Namah Paadayoh.(feet)

Om Kam Keelakaay Namah Naabhou.(navel)

Om Viniyogaay Namah Sarvaange.(all parts)

Karanyaas (energising the fingers by Mantras)

Chant thus each time joining fingers indicated.

Om Trayambakam Angushtthaabhyaam Namah.(both thumbs)

Om Yajaamahe Tarjaneebhyaam Namah.(forefingers)

Om Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Madhyamaabhyaam Namah.(middle fingers)

Om Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaat Anaamikaabhyaam Namah.(ring fingers)

Om Mrityormuksheeya Kanishtthikaabhyaam Namah.(small fingers)

Om Maamritaat Kartalkar Prishtthaabhyaam Namah.(backside of both palms)

Hridyanyaas (energising the heart and other parts of the body)

Om Trayambakam Hridyaay Namah.(heart)

Om Yajaamahe Shirase Swaahaa.(head)

Om Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Shikhaayei Vashat.(crown of head)

Om Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaat Kavachaay Hoom.(both shoulders)

Om Mrityormuksheeya Netra Trayaay Voushat.(both eyes and the third eye)

Om Maamritaat Astraay Phat.(move your right hand around the head snapping the fingers)

According to Rishi Vashishtth, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra has 33 alphabets which represent the powers of the 33 deities. These 33 deities are – eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve Aadityas, one Prajapati and one Vashatkaar.

These 33 deities are present in different parts of the body of a person. When this Mantra is chanted divine forces in the body are activated and they protect the person from diseases, weakness and death.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

||Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat||

This Mantra should be chanted one lakh twenty five thousand times. After completion of the chanting twelve thousand five hundred times offer oblations in the holy fire with a mixture of Bel leaves, Kheir, Vat, Sesame seeds, mustard seeds, Kheer (sweet porridge of rice and milk), curd and grass blades.

Ghee should be added to this mixture and oblations made with chanting the above Mantra. Then perform Abhishek one thousand two hundred fifty times for the patient for whose health this ritual is being done. Abhishek means sprinkling of water on someone each time chanting above Mantra.

If there has been some accident or there is threat to life or any problem, pain or fear then one should chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra energised with the Mritsanjivini Vidya devised by Shukracharya. This is called Mritsanjeevani Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

||Om Hroum Om Joom Om Sah Om Bhooh Om Bhuvah Om Swah Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat, Om Swah Om Bhuvah Om Bhooh Om Sah Om Joom Om Hroum Om.||

This is a Mantra with 62 alphabets and it can sure avert death if chanted properly.

Shraadh means to give with devotion or to offer one’s respect. Shraadh is a ritual for expressing one’s respectful feelings for the ancestors. According to Indian texts a soul has to wander about in the various worlds after death and has to suffer a lot due to past karmas. Shraadh is a means of alleviating this suffering.


Shraddhyaa Kriyate Yaa Saa: Shraadh is the ritual accomplished to satiate one’s ancestors.

The nature’s cycle keeps on going according to its fixed programme and similarly man to keeps moving from the birth to death then again to birth and so on. This goes on and on endlessly and souls that have passed away keep taking birth in new forms.

This cycle was set into process by the Almighty and our ancient Rishis and Yogis divided the human life from birth to death into various parts so that man could lead a balanced life and accomplish the tasks in his life that are important for his existence. They designated particular rituals for each part of a person’s life so that life could be lived to the full.

Along with this they also advised man to offer his thanks and gratitude to the Almighty and seek his divine blessings so that he could lead a happy, contented and divine life full of all comforts and pleasures.

According to Hindu tradition life is divided into various parts and similarly there are different Samskars which mark a particular phase or part of life. When a soul enters the womb or when a woman becomes pregnant Punsavan Samskar is accomplished.

On birth of the child Choodamani Samskar is done. When the child starts his education the Upanayan Samskar is accomplished which marks the phase of development of an ignorant individual into a knowledgable person.

Similarly when a person becomes young Vivah Samskar is accomplished whereby he gets married and enters into a new phase of life. All through his life he has to go through several Samskars and when finally he gets old and dies the Kapal Kriya Samskar is accomplished as the soul leaves to take birth in a new body.

Thus this system is very well organised and it is based on human emotions and feelings. Even after death the link with the soul continues and in India every year a ritual is carried out to offer one’s respect and love to the departed soul.

In the ancient text Garud Puraan and other Puraans it is clearly stated that by offering food to dead one’s ancestors their souls feel satiated and they bless the person with wealth, children, knowledge, joys, pleasures and a total life.

Shraadh is this ritual well known all over India and it needs no special introduction. But very few people are aware that there are twelve types of Shraadh.

  • Nitya Shraadh

    It is done daily. And in this ceremony sesame seeds, grains, water, milk, fruit, vegetables and food are offered to the departed soul daily.

  • Neimitik Shraadh

    It is also known as Ekodisht Shraadh. In it food is offered to an odd number of priests say 1, 3, or 5 in number.

  • Kaamya Shraadh

    In it prayers and respect is offered to the departed soul with the aim of fulfilment of some wish.

  • Vriddhi Shraadh

    It is done for gain of prosperity and children. Only persons who have gone through Upanayan Samskar should do it.

  • Sapindan Shraadh

    In it four clean vessels are taken and in each some water mixed with fragrance and sesame seeds is taken.

    These four are symbolic of Pretaatma (wandering spirits), Pitaatmaa (spirits of higher souls), Devaatmaa (spirits which are divine) and other unknown souls. Then the water from the first vessel is poured into the second.

  • Paarvann Shraadh

    It is done on a moonless night or on some special occasion.

  • Goshtth Shraadh

    It is done for gain of cattle.

  • Shurdhyarth Shraadh

    It is done with the help of priests for gain of wealth, amd for appeasing scholars and ancestors.

  • Karmaang Shraadh

    In it prayers are offered to the ancestors when a woman becomes pregnant or when Seemaantonayan and Punsavan Samskars are being accomplished.

  • Deivik Shraadh

    In it oblations are made with ghee in the holy fire for good luck in travels and to seek the well wishes of deities.

  • Oupcharik Shraadh

    It is done for physical health and riddance from diseases.

  • Saanvatsarik Shraadh

    It is best among all Shraadhs and it is accomplished on the day on which the soul departed. It is a very important ritual for in the text Bhavishya Purann Lord Sun says – I do not accept the prayers of a person who does not perform Saanvatsarik Shraadh and neither do Vishnu, Brahma, Rudra and other deities.

Hence one should surely carry out this ritual each year on the day the ancestor passed away.

It is stated in the texts that a person who does not accomplish the Shraadh of his dead parents has to suffer much in life and even after. He may even be born in lower planes of existence as a result.

Some might ask what they should do if they do not remember the dates of passing away of their parents?

Such a person should do Shraadh on the moonless night in the month of Shraadhs. Shraadh for dead women folk should be done on the ninth day of dark fortnight of the lunar calendar.

Shraadh is accomplished not only for dead parents but all ancestors whose names one might not remember or whose dates of passing away are not remembered.

This ritual is symbolic of giving respect to the dead ancestors and a way of getting their blessings and well wishes. Hence every person should perform Shraadh.

But merely inviting some priests and offering them food and gifts is not enough. Rather one should include a Sadhana in this process. Only then is the ritual fruitful. Following is the Sadhana for this purpose which every person should try with full faith and devotion for gaining the maximum from the departed souls.


Articles : Pitreshwar Tarpann Saafalya Yantra and 11 Pitreshwar Shaanti Beejs.


On the date on which the ancestor passed away do this Sadhana early in the morning in Brahm Muhurat i.e. between 5 and 7 am.

One should sit facing South for this Sadhana.

The main benefit of this Sadhana is that through it the dead ancestor feels fully satiated in whichever place he might be at that moment. If he has taken birth in some lower plane he becomes free from it and is born in a good family.

In a way it is a Sadhana for freeing the dead one’s spirit from lower planes of existence and propelling it upwards.

It is a very easy and simple Sadhana and any person can accomplish it without any problem.

Get up early in the morning and have a bath. Wear fresh white clothes and sit on a white mat facing South.

Place before yourself the articles to be gifted to the priest. In a place draw a human figure with vermilion and on it place Pitreshwar Tarpann Saafalya Yantra.

Offer on it flowers, incense. Next chanting the following Mantra eleven times place the eleven Pitreshwar Shaanti Beejs in the plate one by one.

|| Om Amukam Pitre Namah ||

In the above Mantra the word Amukam has to be replaced by the ancestor’s name while chanting the Mantra.

Then chant the Mantra for fifteen minutes keeping your gaze fixed on the Yantra. After the Sadhana is over drop the Yantra and the eleven Beejs in a river or pond. Offer the gifts to some priest and also offer him meals.

Before starting the Sadhana take water in the hollow of your right hand and pledge that you are doing this Sadhana for the satiation and emancipation of your ancestors. Separate Sadhana should be done for both parents.

Where there are no children in a house there cannot be real joy and happiness. Hence a couple always wishes for children. For continuing the family lineage and for social and national progress children are a must. A childless woman is deprived of the joys of the motherhood and she cannot be a total woman. What more, life in the Indian society can become hell for a childless couple. Without children even the love between the married partners becomes lukewarm after some time.


This Sadhana can be tried on any Wednesday or Poornnamasi (full moon day).

Early morning any time from 6:12 am to 7:36 am have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Sit facing North on a clean mat. Place a Gopal Santaan Praapti Yantra on a steel or copper plate. Before the Yantra place a betel nut. Mix water, milk, curd, sugar and ghee and prepare Panchaamrit. The husband and wife should try this Sadhana together and the wife should sit on the right hand side of the husband. Then the husband should chant one round of the following Mantra with a Sfatik rosary. In the mean time the wife should continuously pour Panchaamrit on the betel nut. By the time the Mantra chanting is over the betel nut should be completely immersed in Panchaamrit.

|| Om Bhaveshwaraay Vam Poornneshwaraay Namah ||

After this the wife should sit on the left side of the husband and both should chant the following Mantra with the Santaan Praapti Yantra placed before them. Ghee lamp and incense should keep burning during this time. Three rounds of the Mantra should be chanted.

|| Om Poornnendu Poornneshwaraay Putrapradaay Namah ||

After completion of the Mantra chanting sing the Guru Aarti.

On second day of Sadhana tie all articles in a red or yellow cloth and drop it in a river or pond. Wear the rosary around your neck and wear it daily at least for one or two hours.

Simply chant at least one round of Mantra daily for a month. On the next Poornnima drop the rosary in a river or pond.

Sadhana for wish Fulfilment

Grahanne Yagyam Tapah Kaaryam Deivaaraadhanmev Cha

One should surely accomplish Sadhanas, meditation and Yagnas during an eclipse.

Man has a special relation with sun. A solar eclipse is not just a natural phenomenon rather it represents a very powerful period for success in Sadhanas. Very soon two solar eclipses are going to occur in the same month.

Two solar eclipses in a month – amazing! It is after centuries that two solar eclipses are occurring in the same month. The first solar eclipse occurs on Amavasya of the month of Aashaad or 1st July 2000 and the second on the Amavasya of the month of Shravan or 31st July 2000.

It is important to note that the period between 1st July and 31st July i.e. between the two eclipses is very auspicious for Tantra Sadhanas. These 31 days are highly rewarding for the Sadhaks specially for fulfilment of wishes. Do try this Sadhana to fulfil your wishes.

Astrologically this has great significance, but spiritually too these moments are going to be very important. An eclipse has much significance in Tantra and a person could engage in Mantra and Tantra Sadhanas during these moments and gain much.

In the solar system the sun is at the centre while all the planets revolve around it. Earth completes a revolution of the sun in 364 days all the while rotating on its axis. As it rotates on its axis the part which faces the sun is said to be having a day while the part facing away has night. Similarly the moon revolves around the earth once every thirty days.

An eclipse scientifically

According to the astronomers when the earth and moon are positioned in the same line with the sin i.e. when the moon is between the earth and the sun, the rays of the sun are not able to reach the earth and due to this a part of the sun becomes invisible. This is known as the solar eclipse.

Science states that all the planets of our solar system are illuminated by the light of the sun. The earth and the moon too get their light from the sun. On a full moon night we can see the whole moon.

But when the moon revolving around the earth is positioned in a manner that the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, the rays of the sun are not able to reach the moon and a part or the whole of moon is eclipsed. This is known as lunar eclipse.

The ancient Indian savants and scientists also tried their best to find out what effect this phenomenon has on human life. They concluded that all heavenly bodies have a definite influence on all living beings including human beings. This is why whenever there is an eclipse the nature , the earth, the creatures are definitely affected.

Solar eclipse and the world of Sadhanas

Eclipses have a special significance in the field of Sadhanas. Although the period of eclipse is said not to be good for many activities like eating food because of the radiations that are emitted and which are very harmful, this is also true that poison too sometimes works like elixir and it can save life in certain cases. Similarly the period of eclipse may not be good according to the scientists but it sure has one plus point and that is it is a very auspicious time for Sadhanas.

The reason is that chanting a Mantra just a few times during the eclipse is more fruitful than chanting the same Mantra a lakh times under ordinary conditions. In other words if a Sadhana is tried during eclipse it proves a hundred times more effective and thus success is fully assured.

Sun is the most important heavenly body for us. In astrology it is the significator of fame, respect, luxury, knowledge, intelligence, children, longevity and good health. Also as it rules the soul it can also help in spiritual realisation.

Although these two eclipses will not be visible in India but it does not matter. The effect of these eclipses shall be equivalent to a visible eclipse. The earth is a whole and is not divided into parts and man is a conscious being living on it. Hence the phenomenon shall have world wide effect.

Importance of the eclipse period

Everything in life can be regained but a moment once lost is gone for ever. The combination of solar eclipse with a unique stellar position which is presenting itself this time is rare and one cannot expect such a phenomenon to occur again in the future.

Solar eclipses might occur again but the unique stellar position might not repeat itself. You might observe ten solar eclipses in your life but if you miss one you shall be left with only nine chances and who knows what circumstances might build up in your life or whether or not you shall be able to use the moments of future eclipses for Sadhanas. Hence an aware Sadhak would realise the great significance of this particular eclipse and use it to accomplish Sadhanas.

Success in Sadhanas is not so difficult to achieve provided one knows which moments to choose. The Indian Rishis and Yogis have written hundreds of texts relating to Kaal Gyaan or the science of realising the correct, auspicious moments. And the reason they did so is that a task done at the right time succeeds without doubt.

The great importance of eclipses is well reflected in the events of lives of the great Avataars (incarnations). Lord Ram for example had Diksha from his Guru at a time when an eclipse was going on. Similarly Lord Krishna had Diksha during an eclipse. And the reason for this is that during these moments it is very easy for the disciple to imbibe fully the energy transferred into him by the Guru.

The battle of Mahabharat was about to begin. The army of the Kauravs was ready for the battle and its great warriors like Bheeshm, Dronacharya, Karna were mounted on their chariots. On the other side the army of the Pandavs too stood ready waiting for the battle trumpet to sound. The Pandavs asked Lord Krishna to give his assent for starting the fight. But Lord Krishna stopped them.

He said – If the war starts now, any side would be likely to win. But a few moments from now a solar eclipse is about to begin and if the war bugle is sounded then the Pandavs shall surely win. Lord Krishna had realised the significance of the moments of eclipse and history is a witness that all Kauravs were killed, while the five Pandavs remained unharmed just because the war was started at the right moment

Sadhana during solar eclipse

A small ritual accomplished during this period is certainly more powerful than a Mantra Anushtthaan (complete Sadhana) in which a Mantra is chanted 1.25 lakh times. The same effect that is had through a long Sadhana can be had by chanting just 5 or 11 rounds of a Mantra during the period of eclipse.

Great Yogis, Rishis and ascetics never miss these moments rather keep waiting eagerly for such moments so that they could make full use of them for riddance from all problems of life and for gaining success spiritually as well as materially. These are in fact moments for moulding one’s personality.

For those who are ignorant about its great significance an eclipse is evil, while for the realised and aware ones these are golden moments not to be missed at any cost. When one has success virtually knocking at one’s doors one should welcome it eagerly, for it brings in its wake both material and spiritual fulfilment. This is why the aware Rishis and Yogis make elaborate preparations beforehand to make use of such moments in their lives so that through Sadhanas and Mantra chantings they could attain totality in their lives.

If a Sadhak accomplishes Mundkaali Sadhana during a solar eclipse then all signs of tension, sorrows and frustration are wiped off from his face. This amazing ritual is capable of fulfilling all one’s wishes. Instead of trying different rituals for different purposes if this one Sadhana is accomplished then one’s life can become free of diseases, problems, obstacles and poverty. There can be no doubt about this, for this secret Sadhana is explosively powerful. …. a thing which is best experienced.

It can be tried during solar eclipse in order to fulfil the following wishes.

In fact this Sadhana can be tried to fulfil any wish, for accomplishing it during the eclipse is sure to bring success.

  • If you are facing monetary problems and there is no source of income, then to be financially well off.
  • To get rid of diseases.
  • To gain fame, respect, laurels and prosperity.
  • If someone is against you and he is likely to harm you, then to render him unhostile.
  • To make someone favourable and getting something done through him.
  • To gain success in a Sadhana in which one has been repeatedly facing failure.

The Sadhana

  • The articles necessary for Sadhana are – Kaali Yantra, Manokaamana Cheitanya rosary and Mundfal.
  • Rise early in the morning, have a bath and get ready for Sadhana.
  • Sit facing East.
  • Use a yellow mat and wear yellow clothes.
  • Before yourself on a wooden seat spread a red cloth and keep the Sadhana articles ready.
  • At sunrise take water in a tumbler and add vermilion and rice grains to it. Chanting the following Mantra 3 times offer the water to the rising sun.
    || Om Aadityam Jaatvedase Namah ||
  • Then seated on the mat place the Yantra on a plate having tied the holy red thread (Mouli) around it. Make four marks on it with vermilion representative of Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (material pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual realisation).
  • Offer unbroken rice grains, flowers, incense, ghee lamp and sweets on the Yantra.
  • On the right hand side of the Yantra make a mound of rice grains dyed with vermilion and on it place a Mundfal.
  • Make a mark of vermilion on the Mundfal. Offer rice grains and flowers on it.
  • After this take water in right palm and speak out your wish along with your name and surname.
  • Then chant the following Mantra during solor eclipse time with Cheitanya rosary.
    || Om Ayeim Mundaarya Sarva Kaaryam Saadhay Ayeim Namah ||
  • After the Mantra chanting tie all the articles in the cloth spread on the wooden seat and the next morning drop it in a river or pond.
  • The lamp and incense must keep burning during the whole of Sadhana period.

This is a divine and quick acting ritual. The wish, for the fulfilment of which this ritual is tried, is sure fulfilled if this ritual is tried during the solar eclipse with full devotion and concentration.

A solar eclipse is occurring for the first time this year and it is capable of fulfilling all one’s desires. Hence missing such precious moments is but an indication of one’s misfortune.



If some base ritual has been used against a person or family, life becomes worse than hell. A person under such evil influence becomes much harassed and powerless even though he might be a millionaire.

Tension, quarrels and unrest become common features of family life. All one’s respect and social position is reduced to naught. Today hatred and jealousy are so strong that enemies and adversaries lose no time in using base rituals against you. These evil practices can completely destroy your life.

For warding off such evil influence try this Uchhisht Ganpati Sadhana with the help of which you can protect yourself from all negative forces in life.

Uchhisht Ganpati means Ganpati in an angry form standing ready to destroy one’s enemies. Generally Ganpati is worshipped in a seated form, but in Tantrokt Sadhanas the Uchhisht or standing form of the Lord is worshipped because this form of the Lord is Vighneshvaraay i.e. it frees one of all problems. A Sadhak should try this Sadhana in an angry mood and with full force.

Early in the morning have a bath and wearing fresh clothes sit in your worship place at home facing East or North. Light incense and a ghee lamp. Keep some water ready in a copper tumbler. Place all these on a wooden seat covered with a red cloth. First offer prayers to the Guru by offering incense, flowers and vermilion on the Guru’s picture. Then chant two rounds of Guru Mantra.

Then place before the Guru’s picture a steel plate and on it draw a Swastik with vermilion or saffron. On it place a Uchhisht Ganpati Yantra.

Then join both palms and chant thus –

|| Om Gajananam Bhootgannaadhisevitam Kapith Jambu Falchaaru Bhaakshannam ||

Then chanting thus offer the indicated articles on the Yantra.

|| Om Gam Mangalmoortaye Namah Snaanam Samarpayaami ||


|| Om Gam Ekdantaay Namah Tilakam Samarpayaami ||

|| Om Gam Sumukhaay Namah Akshtaan Samarpayaami ||
(rice grains)

|| Om Gam Lambodaraay Namah Dhoopam Deepam Aaghrapyaami, Darshyaami ||
(ghee lamp)

|| Om Gam Vighnanaashay Namah Pushpam Samarpayaami ||

After this mix vermilion with rice grains and offer them on the Yantra chanting thus.

|| Om Lam Namaste Namah


Om Tvamev Tatvamasi

Om Tvamev Kevalam Kartaasi

Om Tvamev Kevalam Bhartaasi

Om Tvamev Kevalam Hartaasi

Om Gannaadhipataye Namah ||

Offer a spoonful of water on the Yantra.

Thereafter chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with a coral rosary for 11 days.

|| Om Gam Hum Tantra Baadhaa Nivaarannaay Shreem Ganneshaay Swaahaa ||

After completion of the Sadhana tie the Yantra and rosary in a red cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond. One should complete this Sadhana between 4.10 to 6.45 am

Pitra Santushti Sadhana


Of all civilisations, the Indian is the oldest and it has survived numerous onslaughts both from outside as well as inside. So awesome is its culture and so deep is the sense of identity that people experience with it that even after thousands of years, even after the advent of the so-called called age of reasoning and logic it remains unshaken.

It is a fact which cannot be denied that anything which is based on mere fantasy or mere superstition cannot survive forever and yet Indian culture and its various rituals have continued to thrive even when they were most harshly attacked by the men of science. This sure enough raises a doubt whether these rituals are mere superstitions. Or is there some profound scientific basis to them?

As science progresses it finds that most of its discoveries have been there in the ancient Indian texts for ages and what till now it was considering rubbish are turning out to be real facts. So it has proved with paranormal abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance and so it is now proving with the basic building block of matter – it is nothing, Soonya!

One ritual that has always been a part of Indian life is Shraaddh or the propitiation of the dead ancestors and offering of food and comestibles to them, In fact the text Brahma Puraan states –

Yasyei Taani Na Deeyant Pret Shraddhaani Shodashah,

Pishaachatvam Dhruvam Tasya Datteih Shraddh Shateirapi.

ie. a departed soul if not propitiated on the day of Shraadh wanders forever as a ghost.

What’s the logic behind this?

Well, wishes form the basis of human life and when they remain unfulfilled the soul returns again to human form to fulfil them. This keeps it bound to the death-birth cycle.

Even after being reborn, in the subconscious mind the human remains linked to the past life and his acquaintances. Unable to interact with them he feels perturbed, although he knows not why this is happening as the longing is at the subconscious level.

Shraadh is a way of interacting with the departed soul and obtaining its best wishes and thus freeing it of all obligations it might feel towards its past progeny. Among the blessings that can be obtained from departed souls are children, education, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment – this according to the Brahma Puran.

Another Puran explains that the Samskars or genetic tendencies, which might include habits, traits and inclinations, are passed on from one generation to another. Although several of these might be latent they might suddenly become active in some condition or generation. Of course good ones are welcome but bad ones are better if somehow avoided. One potent method of avoiding the evil tendencies of the ancestors and activating the good ones is performance of the Shraadh ritual using Vedic Mantras which resonate vehemently to purge a human of all evils.

In the present times of course very few truly learned Pandits and Gurus are left who could assume this formidable task of satiating the departed souls through Shraadh. The best way hence is to use Sadhana as a mode of supplicating one’s departed ancestors and obtaining their blessings.

The following Sadhana proves wonderfully efficacius for this purpose and it is performed during the dark fortnight of the Indian month of Ashvin. For benefit of the readers particular dates are being given on anyone of which this Sadhana could be accomplished.

Obtain a Pitra Santushti Yantra and Hakeek Mala. Early in the morning take a bath, get into white clothes and sit on a white worship-mat. On a wooden plank spread a white cloth and on it draw a eight-petalled lotus with rice grains dyed red with vermilion. On it shower some rose petals and then on them place the Yantra. Remembering the names of your ancestors (or just meditating about them) offer some flowers on the Yantra.

Next chant 31 rounds of the following Mantra with a Hakeek rosary.


Om Ayeim Sarvapitrabhyo Svadhaa

Next day throw the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond. If you have some special wish you can speak it out while dispersing the Sadhana articles in the river. Sure enough through this Sadhana you can gain the blessings of your departed ancestors and lead a happy, contented and prosperous family life!

Any Friday
O Arjun! Your weapons are useless against your foes like Duryodhan. Only Mantra power can annihilate them, hence make use of the powerful Mantras granted to you by your Guru!”


These wise words once spoken to Arjun by Lord Krishna emphasize that courage and strength alone cannot help one win the battle of life. To overcome all hurdles, all adversaries one needs the decisive strength of divine power with the help of which even the worst phases of life can be easily crossed over.

Life means new surprises each moment and one never knows when a friend would turn into a foe or some person might assume a hostile stance. And if one wishes to launch a new venture one has to remain ever wary of mischief makers bent on throwing a spanner in the works. What more it might not even be an obvious enemy that one is up against. Posing as a friend could be a Brutus, eagerly waiting for a chance to stab one in the back.

One might well succeed in warding off attacks coming from expected sources, but many catch one unawares and leave one struggling to keep life going on smoothly. Even if one is equipped with a daring spirit one can possible take on at most two or three foes at a moment; and a series of attacks coming from scores of sources instead of proving to be hearty companions could mean loss of precious time, energy and money and even health and life.

It would also be sheer naivety to expect such hatred and jealousy to spring up only at one’s work place, for even one’s home, family or circle of relatives could turn into a battleground. It is not uncommon to see a brother lust after one’s blood, or one’s life partner turn into a predator on trivial issues. Things take a plunge for the worst when these very close ones start to opt for low tactics like black magic, false libel suits and physical attacks.

Life becomes fraught with worries, constant fears, ill health and loss of wealth due to such negative influences in life. In such situations especially when no amount of wise counselling advice, threats work there remains no choice than seeking divine succour. Sadhanas alone can help one overcome such persistent foes, for Vedic rituals are a wonderful source of Shakti or divine power which not just instills physical strength and stamina rather also strengthens one mentally and spiritually.

It’s a fact proved by hundreds of scriptures that one equipped with Mantra power remains invincible life long. And if one has tapped into the infinite source of Power and Energy, Mother Durga, then nothing in the universe could prove a threat to that individual.

The following Durga Sadhana is an unfailing and fast way of turning foes into friends, removing all hurdles on the path of success, banishing all fears and dangers in life and nullifying the effects of all evil practices that might have been initiated by some adversary. A surge of courage, feeling of security, confidence and faith are gifts of this Sadhana which can help one overcome and defeat all problems in life in whatever form they might appear.

Try this powerful Sadhana on a Friday early in the morning from 4 am to 6 am. Have a bath and wear yellow robes. Sit on a yellow mat facing East or North. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. Place Mahaadurga Yantra on a mound of rice grains and offer on it vermilion, red flowers, incense. Light a ghee lamp. On its left on another mound place Shakti Khadag. On the Yantra also offer a sweet made from gram flour. Join the palms and chant thus.

Sarva Mangal Maangalye Shive Sarvaarth Saadhike |


Sharannye Trayambake Gouri Naaraayanni Namostute ||

Next take some water in the hollow of the right palm and pledge thus – I (name) do this Sadhana for pacification of all foes. Let the water flow to the ground.

Thereafter stand on the mat, with the Yantra in the right hand. Cover it with the left hand and closing the eyes chant the following Mantra for 10 minutes.

|| Ayeing Hreeng Kleeng Chaamundaayei Vichche ||

After this offer prayers to the Guru. Chant 5 rounds of Guru Mantra. Having completed the Sadhana take the Shakti Khadag in the South direction from your house and bury it in some isolated spot. Drop the Yantra in a river or pond.

Magnetize your persona

Outshining everyone in one’s field is an achievement easily wished for but hard to attain. Yet one knows well that if one has magnetism in one’s voice, eyes, face or personality others could be easily left overawed. Would you like to be equipped thus?

Yes? Then there’s no better time than the new millenium to possess such attributes which you thought to be the birthright of only national and international luminaries. Know it that one is never born with them, rather they have to be brought to the surface and there couldn’t be a better way than this short but powerful Mantra ritual.

On a Sunday morning wear fresh clothes and light a ghee lamp. Seated on a yellow mat chant thus continuously for 15 minutes with a Sammohan rosary while staring unblinkingly at the flame.

|| Om Hreem Hreem Om ||

Do this regularly for 15 days and see the results for yourself.

Snub ailments thus

Today no one can claim to be totally fit, although everyone shall agree that the natural state of the body is perfect health. Diseases not just bring pain and suffering but also loss of money and even longevity. Best medical help is a must, yet along with it one could try a wondrous Mantra whose efficacy for curing even the worst ailments and even stalling death remains unparalleled since the Vedic age!

Start from any Monday or still better from the coming Shivratri . Early morning have a bath. Wear yellow robes. Sit on a yellow mat and placing a Paarad Shivaling before yourself in a copper plate chant 5 rounds of the following Mahaa-mrityunjaya Mantra with white Hakeek rosary .

|| Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvaarukmiv Bandhnaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat ||

Do this for 11 days. On the 11th day drop the rosary in a river or pond. Place the Paarad Shivaling in your worship place at home.

Easing mental tension

The fast pace of life today has left the whole of mankind struggling to somehow maintain poise and mental balance. Outwardly one might look perfectly in control, yet the inner turmoil could assume threatening proportions and burst forth in form of heart failure, indigestion and even insanity.

If one realised that there dwells within a power which could steer one clear of all problems, one would choose to tap into it rather than worry oneself to death. To ease tensions try this simple ritual.

Early morning or any time you feel fresh have a bath and put a Cheitanya rosary around your neck. Sit in a relaxed manner in any posture. One can even lie down. Then forgetting all your problems chant the following Mantra for 10 minutes.

|| Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Shreem Hreem Hreem Hreem ||

Whenever you feel mentally fatigued try it. You might even have a flash of intuition suggesting a way out of your current problem.

Wealth galore

Progress in life without wealth is not impossible or unheard of, yet it is a fact that money does ease many problems of life. Poverty on the other hand means toiling day and night to make two ends meet leaving no time or enthusiasm for entertainment, travel or making an attempt to raise one’s living standard.

Indraani Prayog is an amazing ritual which promises new sources of income and wealth. For this start on any Wednesday morning. Wear yellow robes. Sit facing North on a yellow mat. In a plate shower some flower petals. On them place an Indraani rosary. Light incense. Next pick the rosary and chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Shreem Shreem Indraannyei Shreem Shreem Om ||

Do this regularly for 10 days. On the 11th day tie the rosary along with some fresh flower petals in a yellow cloth and drop it in a river or pond.

The mad race of competition to which we find ourselves pulled willingly or unwillingly has a heavy toll on the human psyche. The demands of our work places are too much. Anxiety hangs in the air, unhealthy competition verges to the brink of jealousy and hatred, differences of opinion are taken as attacks on one’s ego, like the sword of Damocles insecurity keeps one’s nerves in a jangle and if these were not enough we carry our tensions back home with the inevitable result of family quarrels, fights, accusations and counter accusations, thus making home more of a hell than a heaven.


Still worse is the fact that we fail to realise this situation. Just hint to someone that he or she is mentally ill or disturbed and the daggered looks would make you wish you had never mentioned it. For us mental illness is some alien malady that could never afflict us. Are not our superb performances at work, the large pay checks, social status and affluence enough proofs that our mental faculties are at their working best?

Well, if you believe so, think again. Sit down and introspect for some moments. Can you still your mind for some time? Can you experience deep divine peace and jubilation that comes by diving deep into the inner conscience? Try and all you shall find would be worries, problems and tensions related to home, office or relatives inundating your mind. The more you shall try to push them aside the harder they shall pound on your brains.

Maybe you are young and physically very strong, hence right now you don’t feel the negative effect of the hectic life you lead. But look around and you shall find someone who is almost a mental wreck just because his or her mind could take no more of this jet set life. And if you think you shall never be a prey, you are wrong for the body as well as the mind has a limit and the moment you cross it …..!

Or maybe you are already feeling the negative effects — sleep eludes you, veins stand out on your forehead seemingly ready to burst and giving you an intolerable headache, you lose patience on the slightest pretext, you suffer from frequent indigestion etc. Some try to overcome these by taking to drinking without knowing that they are inviting further trouble, for alcohol dulls physical pain but it cannot wash out mental anguish. Rather on coming back to the conscious state the anxieties return with renewed vigour. Moreover alcohol makes one physically weaker and unable to withstand the challenges of life.

Solution to this universal problem lies not in medicine or wine. It also cannot be ignored for in its worst stages it could lead to nervous breakdown, ulcers, brain tumours and even hormonal imbalance. The best and most effective way remedy lies in the field of spiritualism. One way is meditation, but for a mentally disturbed person it is very difficult to concentrate his or her mind. Hence the ancient Rishis suggested Mantra Sadhanas.

Mantras are special divine syllables whose rhythmic chanting produces a soothing effect on one’s mind. Regular use of Mantras helps one concentrate better and stills all mental turmoils and nervous disturbances. And once the chaos in the mind is calmed the physical body too returns to a healthy state. A Mantra hence not just flushes out useless, negative thoughts from the mind, rather it helps the body get rid of toxins produced due to anger, frustration or hatred, which if left there could lead to illnesses and physical disabilities.

While using a Mantra for such healing purposes we tap into the power of the inner conscience or the Guru who dwells within, for this divine power can cure the worst maladies. Following is a wonderful Mantra Sadhana that can help you get rid of your mental disturbances and finally even your physical illnesses.

Early morning at 5-5:30 am on a Sunday have a bath and wear a yellow dhoti/saree. Sit on a yellow mat facing East. In a copper plate place a Mano Rog Nivaran Yantra. On the Yantra place two Manah Chetana Gutikas. Take water in the hollow of your right palm and pledge thus – I do this Sadhana for mental peace and to get rid of all mental and physical disturbances. Let the water flow on to the ground. Next light a ghee lamp and looking at its flame chant thus 5 times.

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah|


Guru Sakshaat Para Brahma Tasmei Shree Gurave Namah||

Next chant the following Mantra continuously without counting, for half an hour.

|| Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Hreem Hreem Om Namah ||

Do this daily for half an hour for 21 days. After 21 days throw the Yantra and Gutikas in a river or pond. After the Sadhna too sit daily for 10-15 minutes meditating on this Mantra. This shall surely help you achieve supreme peace.


Good Health has different connotations for different individuals. For some it might mean a strong constitution, for others it might denote physical strength and for yet another group it might signify beauty and handsomeness. No doubt each of these can be a reflection of good health, yet not in its entirety, for these are merely indicative of physical fitness

Fitness of the body is however only a projection of inner balance. That’s why good rich food might well make one look stout, yet one’s face might still deem dull, one’s skin might appear lusterless and one might even be plagued by ailments. This means that just nourishing the body is not enough. One also has to nourish the mind and the soul, for once they are brimming over with joy and peace the outer appearance too shall be indicative of being in the pink.

Just as the virus, bacteria or other alien influences tend to invade the physical body, the mind too is prey to tensions, worries, complexes, negative feelings, fears and passions. These only erode the calm and composure of the brain and lead to release of unwanted toxins and chemicals in the body that easily weaken one’s physical immunity. Thereafter it becomes very easy for the virus or bacteria to attack our system and conquer it.

Yet if one could somehow know how to purge the mind of all negative thoughts and feelings it would ever remain immersed in joy thus further bolstering the immune system of the body. And once one’s body is perfectly peaceful tensions, worries, depression won’t be able to create an imbalance.

One sure way of achieving this state is Sadhna which aims at inner balance. Actually inner and outer health cannot be segregated. They are linked to each other and the outer is but a projection of the inner. Hence if somehow the inner state could be perfectly poised, automatically the outer would follow suit and one could overcome even the worst or maladies. The use of Sadhnas however does not undermine the benefits of medicines, instead it acts as a powerful supplement which catalyses and speeds up recuperation.

Sadhna means drawing on one’s will power and concentrating it through Mantra recital. This results in a flood of Prannic (soul) energy that tends to purge the mind and body of all disturbances and sets the recovery mechanism into action. Regular and continuous use of Mantra Power soon rejuvenates the entire system thus leading to a radiating, robust physique. Mantra power aims at the root and its belief is – cure the mind and the body shall follow suit. If used properly, with full devotion and enthusiasm it can help deracinate the worst of ailments.

The ancient texts are full of rituals and Mantras for combating various diseases. Worship of a different deity is prescribed for overcoming each particular ailment. But many of these Sadhnas are tough and it’s a lot to expect of an ailing person to sit for hours in Sadhna. Is then there some easy way?

There sure is and Tantra prescribes a very quick acting and powerful Sadhna, that amazingly can work wonders in all physical disorders and illnesses. This healing Sadhna combines the power of four deities – Lord Shiva, Ma Kaali, Bheirav and Hanuman – for ages worshipped for riddance from ailments and evil influences. This makes this ritual all the more efficacious and unfailing.

On any Tuesday night after 9 pm the ailing person should sit for Sadhna facing South on a red mat. Before himself he should place a Bajrang Vigrah on a wooden seat covered with red cloth. He should light an oil lamp. Next he should take 21 seeds of Chirmi in his hand and move them around his head. These he should then put aside and throw them in the South direction from his house after that night’s Sadhna is over. Thereafter with a Red Coral rosary he must chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with full concentration.

|| Om Shreem Hreem Ayeim Phat ||

This ritual must be repeated on three consecutive Tuesdays and if performed with devotion very soon wonderful results manifest. On the very first Tuesday one feels a surge of rejuvenating energy in the body that not just stills the mind but also makes one feel physically stronger. After Sadhna wear the rosary around your neck. This shall further speed up recovery. After 30 days of completion of Sadhna throw the rosary and Bajrang Vigrah in a river or pond. The value of this Sadhna is not just in banishing diseases but also in maintaining good health. Hence one should try this ritual at least once every year with a fresh set of Sadhna articles.

Siddhashram — the word fills the mind of a neo-initiate of the Sadhana world with the sacred image of a divine land which is the highest seat of Spiritual Knowledge. Sprawled over miles of land to the North of Mansarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash in Tibet, it is the home to some of the greatest Yogis and spiritual savants. The natural splendour of this place is simply unbelievable and it must be seen to be believed.


However it’s not easy to do so, for a subtle envelope of highly etheric energy keeps it invisible to the naked eye. You might fly right over it in an airplane and still miss it. Only a highly accomplished Sadhak, spiritually trained by a Guru who himself is a Yogi of Siddhashram,can gain access to it. Such Yogis or Gurus keep frequenting the world as we know it, in order to prepare sincere aspirants for a visit to this ethereal place,where one can experience true joy, learn the highest of sciences and gain much spiritually as well as materially.

There cannot be more kind and altruistic beings than the Yogis of Siddhashram, for all their thoughts , their efforts, their Sadhanas remain ever directed towards a single aim — how to improve the lot of mankind, how to banish pain, fear, hunger, poverty, passions, hatred and troubles from their lives , how to introduce them to the science of Mantra and Tantra which could completely transform their lives ,and how to help them attain material fulfilment so that they could devote more of their time and energy to scaling new heights of spiritual attainment.

If man feels dissatisfied or unfulfilled his efforts shall never be truly creative or progressive. He shall quarrel, kill, plunder, and indulge in all known and unknown evils to satiate his cravings. Hence these benevolent Yogis first devote their efforts to the fulfilment of basic needs of humans ,so that they could then be willing to try spiritual development. For this the Yogis incarnate or appear in the world, and living as commoners disseminate the true knowledge of Sadhanas & Mantras that can elevate human life to amazing levels of success. Such Yogis are in fact a Sadhak’s door to Siddhashram, in which place one could learn much and return to the world to put that supreme knowledge to use for the welfare of all.

However becoming spiritually eligible to enter Siddhashram is not an easy feat. But if one is devoted to the Guru and obeys all his commands without being swayed by views of the unenlightened crowd around, one can make swift progress. Yet on this path to enlightenment the help of these Yogis is not only desirable, but also essential for they can help one overcome many hurdles on the way — both in the material world and in the spiritual.

Bestowed with marvellous powers these Supreme Souls can travel astrally, appear in any form, telepathically interact with a Sadhak, remote control his life (e.g. saving him from dangers) and subliminally tutor him in spiritual knowledge through dreams, trances and meditative sessions. But how can one establish the initial contact? Well, for that the following Siddh Aatma Aavahan Sadhana is an unfailing device. And when some Yogi does manifest be sure to be respectful. You can seek any advice or solution to any problem, but do not try it out of mere curiosity or with evil intentions, or you might end up with a curse instead of a boon.

The most propitious day for the Sadhana is Sunday and the right time is sunrise. Have a bath , wear white clothes and sit facing North. Close the door but don’t shut it. Light a Ghee lamp and incense. On a wooden seat covered with white cloth make a mound of rice grains. On it place a Siddhashram Sansparshit Guru Yantra . On its right side place the picture of Gurudev. In a copper plate place Aatma Yantra. Make a mark each with sandalwood paste and saffron on it. Next pick up the Siddhashram Cheitanya rosary and chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Hreem Siddhaatmaa Bham Sam Mam Pam Sam Sham Drishtavaa Iti ||

By the 10th or 15th round a strange spiritual ambience is created and one starts having a divine feeling of an extra terrestrial presence in the room. As soon as the divine Soul appears bow to Him and without hesitation ask your question . Many times there may be just a waft of heavenly fragrance or a blinding light which too denotes that a divine being is there. Some times one need not even speak out one’s wish or question ,for the solution is conveyed telepathically . Once you have your answer resume with the Sadhana and do complete 21 rounds. After that one may have answer to any query by merely chanting this Mantra 21 times.

However don’t always expect the Yogi to appear. Intuitionally or through dreams too the message shall be received. And once a Yogi has adopted you as His ‘child’ , He shall never forsake you and shall keep warning you of all or any dangers that might lie ahead in life. And besides ensuring material success these Divine Souls can also help you develop spiritual prowess. Hence do seek knowledge of Sadhanas from them and keep trying practices prescribed by them.

Beauty: the word sends a thrill through the body and the next moment an image springs in one’s mind — of a comely damsel , a cherubic child or a breathtaking natural vista. Yet beauty signifies a lot more than this. It’s not just the outer appearance of a being, rather it is the inner charm that simply captivates one’s senses.


However life today is so fast that no one seems to have the time to pause a few moments and enjoy its beauty that is expressed in so many diverse forms. In the mad race for earning more and more, we have lost the subtle contact with Nature and the Soul. No wonder most of us today go about our lives without a smile on the lips , a gleam of joy in the eyes or a look of hope on the face. Just as water stagnates when it is allowed to stand still, our lives have become mirthless, dull and drab caught as we are in the quicksand of base feelings – greed, selfishness, jealousy and hatred.

Not that we no longer care about our looks and appearance, rather the wide assortment of cosmetics available simply boggles the mind. Perfumed soaps, nerve tingling fragrances, and a variety of lotions, creams, shampoos have made toiletry an elaborate affair, yet these modern day means merely polish the outside, without in any way inducing the natural beauty to break to the surface.

Taking recourse to such artificial, plastic means is like papering over one’s physical blemishes. This may well make you appear more presentable, yet the satisfaction it shall bring will be no more genuine than the means you have used. Outwardly you might well appear confident, strikingly handsome and on top of the world, yet deep down you shall have a gnawing feeling of emptiness, sadness and utter despair.

True beauty according to the ancient texts boosts sagging spirits, fills the heart with joy, brings a sparkle in the eyes and make the countenance radiate with empyrean bliss. And if cosmetics fail to produce such magic, it without doubt means that the solution lies elsewhere. In fact one does not even have to search outside to discover the eternal fount of youth and beauty. Man’s endeavours remain directed outside while the real source lies within– in one’s soul. Nothing, absolutely nothing can surpass the beauty, the enchanting power of the Soul; and without tapping into it one can never really set into action the subtle chemistry that can transform ugliness into handsomeness, tears into smiles, wrinkled skin into unblemished, smooth velvet, and even silver strands into jet-black lustrous hair.

Linking with the Soul means allowing a flood of inner joy, vitality, vigour and peace to wash away all traces of tension, worries, fears and anxieties. And it’s then that the heart feels like soaring into the sky, the mind is perfectly calmed and the body too starts to reflect this inner exuberance by appearing more handsome, beautiful and radiant.

Ancient texts are full of instances in which Rishis and Yogis, rendered weak and infirm by the onslaught of old age, regained lost youth and beauty through powerful rituals which worked like divine elixir. Many young but not well-favoured Sadhaks and Sadhikas even gained mesmeric, magnetic personalities through such Sadhanas.

Among all rituals for gaining beauty, handsomeness and youthfulness,the Garima Prayog commands greatest respect as its results are quick in manifesting and long lasting. In fact this Sadhana practice has long remained cloaked by secrecy, having been passed on from one generation to another very discreetly.

The Mantra of this ritual never fails to make an impact on one’s mind and Soul. Its proper use in fact catalyses the blossoming of inner peace, divinity and joy which soon start to reflect even in one’s physique. Through it a woman can acquire enchanting looks while a man can come to possess a powerful, dynamic personality. Age is no bar for trying out this Sadhana, for till one is alive it is better and more fulfilling to remain brimming over with joy, exuberance and vitality.

Everyone in fact does try to look younger, stronger and handsome, but most rely on outer modes whose effect soon wears out, leaving one looking even more aged and drab. However entering into this Sadhana means tapping into the miraculous power of the Soul that can turn tables on all weaknesses, ailments and physical shortcomings.

The best day for trying this ritual is the eleventh day of the lunar month (Ekadashi). Early morning (4 to 6 am) or late night (after 9 pm) would be the right time to try it. Have a bath and get into fresh clothes. Sit on a white mat facing the East. Place a copper tumbler filled with water before yourself. Immerse a Moti Shankh in it. On a copper plate draw a Swastik with vermilion. On it place a Shringatikaa. Light a Ghee lamp and then chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with a Garima rosary.

|| Om Hreem Garimaa Siddhi Soundarya Pradaaya Namah ||

After this drink some of the water, rub some on your body and pour the rest in the roots of some holy tree (Peepal, Tulsi etc.). Next day drop Shringatikaa and the rosary in a river. For one whole month at night immerse the Moti Shankh in water in the same copper vessel and the next morning drink a bit and bathe with rest of it. Soon you shall be left astounded by the changes occurring in your looks.

King Among Mantras

Gaayatri Mantra has over the ages proved to be a wonderful key to success in the lives of hundreds of great Rishis and Yogis. According to ancient texts this Mantra was never created by anyone, rather it was obtained directly from the universe by Brahma. It was by virtue of the divine energy assimilated through this Mantra that Lord Brahma created life.

It is this mysterious Mantra that hides within it the power to link a human to his inner bodies. Most people and scholars today associate Gaayatri Mantra with mental upliftment. But these are just two of its many possibilities. If used properly this Mantra can activate all the inner bodies and also all the Chakras of the Kundalini, thus bestowing super human powers like telepathy, hypnotism, astral travelling and omniscience on an individual.

The real Gaayatri Sadhana is really tough even for Yogis but its simpler forms in which the Mantra is suffixed with special Beej Mantras can help even a worldly man activate special faculties or capabilities. Here three very special Sadhanas are being elucidated.

Sharp Intellect

The deity worshipped in Gaayatri Mantra is Savita or Sun, hence the best day to do this ritual is Sunday. Through this particular practice one can awaken all mental faculties, and gain a sharp intellect and a photographic memory. Even a child can be encouraged to try this practice for he can thus go on to excel in his studies and build an excellent career promising fame, position and acclaim.

Early morning before sunrise have a bath and dress in yellow robes. Fill a copper tumbler with water and in it drop a few rice grains and flower petals. Stand facing the morning sun. Raise the tumbler to heart level and tilt it forward allowing the water to flow onto the ground gently. At the same time chant the Mantra

Udityam Jaatvedase Namah

seven times.

Next take some water in your right palm. Again chant the above Mantra 7 times. Sprinkle this water over yourself. Go to your Sadhana room and sit facing East on a yellow mat. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. Make a mound of rice grains dyed red. On this place a Gaayatri Yantra .Light incense and a ghee lamp. Chant 3 rounds of following Mantra with Sfatik rosary.

||Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarennyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat Shreem Hreem Namah||

After Sadhana drop the Yantra in a river/pond. Wear the rosary lifelong or place it in your worship place.

Wishes Fulfilled

Try on a Sunday or a Friday from 5 am to 8 am. Have a bath. Wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat facing East. On a covered wooden seat make a mound of rice grains dyed yellow. On it place a coconut. Tie a Mouli (sacred red thread) around it. Apply a mark of vermilion. On its right side on a bed of red rose petals place a Divya Shankh . Offer on it incense, ghee lamp, flowers, rice grains and vermilion. Take water in the hollow of right palm and pledge thus – I (name) accomplish this ritual for fulfilment of this wish. Let the water flow to the ground.

Stand on the mat and chant one round of this Mantra with Cheitanya rosary.

||Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarennyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem Namah||

After Sadhana place the Shankh and rosary in your worship place. After your wish gets fulfilled throw them in a river/pond.

Riddance From Ailments

This ritual is a real boon for those afflicted by incurable diseases. A family member or friend too can do it on behalf of the patient. On a Saturday night after 9pm get into red clothes and sit on a red mat facing South. Before yourself place a wooden seat covered with red cloth. On it place a steel plate with a handful of rice grains in it. On this plate place a Moongaa Dana . Offer vermilion, rice grains, red flowers, incense and a ghee lamp on it. Take the Red Hakeek rosary and put it around the Ratna. Next with water in the right palm pledge thus – I (name) wish to be free of this ailment.

Let the water trickle down. Then without keeping count chant the following Mantra continuously for an hour.

||Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsaviturvarennyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat Ayeim Om Hum Namah||

After Sadhana throw the Ratna and rosary in river or pond.

Till the Kundalini is unactivated a human does everything in his life as if in a dream, for there is no awareness, no realisation. Activate your Swadhishtthan Chakra through this unique Sadhana and know the difference.


Amazing and very deep are the experiences hidden in human soul, much more wonderful than those he has in normal life. But to be a witness to them he has to first travel inwards. Just as there exists a universe around us similarly there is an infinite expanse inside the soul. By travelling inwards various divine experiences are unfolded and these constitute the journey of the Kundalini from the Muladhar to the Sahastrar.

The title Kundalini is derived from the word Kund which means a pond and it refers to a source of powerful energy that charges the whole body. Kund means a still source, like water in a pond and till this source of divine energy remains inactivated unflowing a human remains deprived of the deepest experiences of life.

It is in fact only when some wave rises in it that a variety of strange phenomenon occur. This wave, which is a part of the powerful energy, when it rises pierces through other energy centres, the Chakras, and activates them. And the creation of this wave is possible through the medium of Sadhana.

Activation of Kundalini is like teasing a sleeping cobra into action. Have you ever tried to prod a sleeping cobra? No sooner do you do so than the next moment it hisses, raises its hood and becomes ready to attack.

The same happens when Sadhaks try a Kundalini Sadhana, for the dynamic Mantras when chanted properly produce a very powerful resonance which prods the Kundalini Power into activation and no sooner is it enlivened it rises up and rushes upwards activating all the Chakras that lie in its path.

But this energy when activated can sometimes prove harmful. The tremendous energy when unleashed could at times magnify one’s negative traits and make one’s actions perverted, for as it is said – Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

But this happens only when one does not have a Sadguru, a truly enlightened spiritual master in one’s life. If however one has, then he could easily prevent any mishap and lead one on and ultimately introduce one to the real creative powers hidden within.

To achieve this state however one has to try and that too fearlessly. If you are apprehensive of getting drowned you can never learn to swim. You can’t even learn without entering the waters. A Guru can only teach you the method, it is then upto you whether you dive in or not. But know it, without diving you can never learn.

You shall have to try Sadhanas. And don’t you worry about anything, for the Sadguru guides each step in life and he won’t let you drown or any harm come to you. And if you keep trying then one day suddenly you shall know that you have learnt to swim. A feeling of elation shall then fill you.

After Sadhana very suddenly one day a Chakra would be activated and some divine experience shall let you know it. You shall then be a witness to all that you have only read about till now. But to reach that stage you shall have to run, run with all your might, with full faith and conviction that you shall win. If you don’t, you shall not get anywhere.

Sadhana is the best way for Kundalini activation

Each Chakra of the Kundalini has several petals which signify different powers and as each petal gets activated some new divine power is attained by the Sadhak. But one needs to be very patient in this process, for results are never instant. If one concludes a Sadhana today then one petal may get activated after four months, another after eight months and the whole Chakra after two years. There is no fixed duration and every Sadhak has a different rate of success depending on his sincerity and devotion. But one should not worry about results and complete the Sadhanas of all the Chakras with full devotion and leave it to the Guru to take care of the results.

Also the best method of activation is Sadhana. There are other tough ways like Hatth Yog but for the common man Sadhana is most easy and safe, for it involves no risk specially after one has had Diksha from a Sadguru.

Experiences in this process

The Kundalini stores numerous experiences of the present life as well as the past ones. As the Chakras are activated one after the other, the Sadhak becomes more and more sensitive and he starts to link himself with experiences of past lives. He has been through all stages of evolution and he starts to vividly remember his existence as a bird, an animal, a tree. An ordinary human being cannot understand how a tree feels when a fruit is plucked off it, or when a bird nests in its branches or when a cow rubs itself on its trunk.

A normal human shall never ponder over such feelings, but one whose Kundalini is activated can easily relate to the feelings of the tree, for he himself has been a tree in some life and that experience is there stored in his Kundalini.

A beautiful incident in the life of Ramakrishna Paramhans highlights this. One day lost in divine thoughts, he sat in a garden enjoying the greenery of fresh grass around. Pearl like drops of dew clung to the grass blades and it felt wonderful to just look at them continuously. Suddenly a cow walked in and started to trample the tender grass with its hooves. Next moment Ramakrishna started to groan with pain.

His disciples rushed to him to find to their horror that bruises covered his whole body as if his skin had been trampled upon by a cow. When asked he said that he had identified his consciousness so intensely with that of the grass around that when the cow started to crush it with its hooves the pain got transferred to his body instead, which made him groan out in agony. Such can be the experiences when one’s Kundalini is activated!

The Swadhishtthan Chakra

In the last issue the Sadhana related to the first Chakra of Kundalini, Muladhar appeared. The next Sadhana is for enlivening the next Chakra, Swadhishtthan. This subtle centre is located right behind the sex organs.

The energy concentrated here is also known as Satva, which takes form of semen in men and ovum in women and naturally flows towards the respective sex organs, and helps in procreation. But if this very Satva is instead made to rise upwards then a new creation takes place within, in the form, of birth of divine powers and capabilities.

The element related to this Chakra is water, while that related to the Muladhar is earth. And everyone knows that molecules of water have a higher rate of vibration than that of earth. Hence greater powers lie hidden in Swadhishtthan.

Gains After Activation

When this Chakra gets activated there is a sudden explosion of sexual urge and to control this the Yogic breathing exercise, Prannayam, is employed. Although this Chakra is related to lower animal passions, yet through abstinence the sex energy could be controlled and given an upwards boost through chanting of the Swadhishtthan Mantra.

On activation of this Chakra the personality of the Sadhak becomes magnetic and attractive. He might keep to himself and not interact with others, yet other people remain eager to be in his company and talk to him. His voice also gains a mesmerising touch and others feel compelled to bow to his arguments.

When Swadhishtthan gets fully activated, the Sadhak gains full command over the water element and he also becomes capable of walking on water.

Form of Swadhishtthan

This Chakra looks like a lotus with six petals whose Beej Mantras are Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, and Lam. Its colour is vermilion. In the centre of this lotus is a half moon shaped pond of pure water in which is an aligator bearing on its back the Baaj Mantra Vam relating to the water element. The diety for this element is Varunn.

On the dot over the Mantra sits Lord Vishnu and on his side the Goddess related to this Chakra – Raakinni. The text Shatchakra Niroopann states that Raakinni, who has a dark complexion, sits on a blue lotus bedecked with rich ornaments and with both her hands raised.

Powers of this Chakra

Each of the six petals is related to some powers which comes to the fore on activation of that particular petal.

  • Bam: This is the first Beej Mantra and through the activation of the petal related to it, a Sadhak is able to fully enjoy his married life. Impotence or sexual debility of any kind gets cured.
  • Bham Activation of this petal makes one capable of begetting a child who has the virtues of one’s choice. Normally one has no choice and one has to give birth to the soul that has found its way into the womb, be it evil or good. But here not only can one invite a good soul, rather one could even choose the sex of the child.
  • Mam On activation of the third petal a Sadhak becomes fearless and courageous. He then faces all problems of life with determination. There is a spurt of inner energy and then it matters not how strong he is physically.
  • Yam The activation of this petal leads to rise of power of Brahmacharya or celibacy. Celibacy does not mean total abstinence from sex, rather it signifies perfect control over feelings and a balanced sex life.
  • Ram Here the sexual energy gets transformed into the pure form, Satva, and this makes the body of the Sadhak radiate with a unique glow and fills it with an irresistible magnetism.
    Lam One gains the confidence and capability to bring to successful conclusion any task in this world with great finesse and skill.

In short on activation of this Chakra one gains much in one’s material life and many of one’s worldly wishes get fulfilled.

Sadhana for Activation

After completing the Muladhar Chakra Sadhana (described in March 2000 issue), the breathing exercise Bhasrika is done regularly so that the Kundalini rises further and reaches the Swadhishtthan. Along with this the following Sadhana is done.

Start this Sadhana any day any time from 4 am to 6 am. Before yourself spread a white cloth and on it draw the following figure with rice grains dyed purple. Write the Beej Mantras with vermilion as shown in the figure. Write the Beej Mantras with vermilion as shown in the figure. In the centre of the figure make a mound of rice grains. On it with vermilion write the Beej Mantra as shown in the figure.

Beej Mantra Of swashishtthan

On this place the Swadhishtthan Chakra Jagran Yantra. Place the picture of the Guru on its right hand side and worship it chanting one round of the Guru Mantra. After this offer rice grains coloured with vermilion on the Yantra whilest chanting the following Mantras-

Om Sachidaanandaay Namah


Om Nikhileshwaraanandaay Namah

Om Shivaanandaay Namah

Om Sadaashivaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Eeshwaraanand Naathaay Namah

Om Rudra-devaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vishnnudevaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Unmanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Samanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vyaapakaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Shaktyaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Dhvanyaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Swaadhishtthaanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vidwaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Dwandaanand Naathaay Namah

Thereafter with a Prann Sanjeevit Kundalini Jagran Rosary (the same used in Muladhar Chakra Sadhana) chant five rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Vam Vam Swaadhishtthaanam Jaagray Jaagray Vam Vam Om Phat ||

Do this regularly for 18 days. After completion of Sadhana place the Yantra under the picture of the Guru.

One should do this Sadhana only after the Sadhana related to Muladhar (described in March 2000 issue) has been done. If Sadhana related to each Chakra is done in the proper sequence in consecutive months then the entire Kundalini Sadhana can be completed in seven months. In each Sadhana for every Chakra a new Yantra is used while the rosary remains the same.

Meditation for Swadhishtthan

After the Sadhana for Swadhishtthan has been completed a special meditation technique is used for quick activation of the Chakra. In it one sits peacefully and concentrates one’s mind on this Chakra present behind the sex organs. One tries to project an image of a six petalled vermilion lotus at the spot.

Then one contemplates that the Kundalini energy is jumping from one petal to another till one visualises a continuous circle of light revolving real fast in the clock wise direction. At this point one projects one’s own image in the centre of the circle. Daily one should meditate thus for ten to fifteen minutes in order to quicken the process of activation.

Education Begins in the Womb

Abhimanyu, it is said, learned the most valuable strategy of ancient warfare i.e. piercing the Chakravyuh formation, when still in his mother’s womb. Rishi Shukdev gained the precious Supreme Knowledge when still in an embryo state. The Sage Ashtavakra imbibed the exalted knowledge of all four Vedas suspended in the embryonic fluid in his mother’s womb. In fact one day when his father, a famous sage, recited a Mantra incorrectly, he bellowed loudly in protest from inside the womb. Much chagrined the father kicked his wife in her belly and as a result the child born had a deformed body.

What do you have to say about these three instances cited from ancient texts? Are these just myths or is it a fact that an unborn child or an embryo is truly receptive to sounds and thoughts present around its mother? Medical evidence proves that after three months and 27 days an embryo starts showing signs of organ functioning and a heart beat can be clearly discerned. This is the time chosen by Yogis to start its subtle education for the period from the fourth month to the eighth is believed to be very crucial for the future development of the child. In this period the receptivity is at its peak and whatever sounds and thoughts it absorbs leave an indelible mark on its mind and memory.

A child tutored in the womb can make astounding progress after it is born and can complete several years of education in a much shorter time span. In fact parents can beforehand select the field they would like their child to pursue and thus they could decide the womb education accordingly. I have tried Garbhasth Cheitanya Sadhana and Diksha several times on dedicated disciples and each time astoundingly sharp-witted children were born.

A famous mathematician who happens to be my disciple wished his unborn child to be a world famous expert of that very field. Hence when his wife was in the family way the couple approached me for initiation into this secret Sadhana. I revealed the Sadhana to them and they devotedly accomplished it. After the ritual for three months the husband daily tutored his wife in mathematics.

At the right time the child was delivered. It was a boy, who by the time he was five had left even his own father amazed by his genius. At a mathematics conference in which some of the most renowned scholars participated the child prodigy captured all attention by his crystal clear elucidation of some of the most tricky problems and concepts. Everyone unequivocally hailed him as a genius, and a television crew from Japan even recorded his achievements for worldwide telecast.

This ritual is one of the best of all Garbbasth Cheitanya Sadhanas for it also combines the divine power of the sun which ensures fame, intelligence, versatility, power and high position in life. The Sadhak first assimilates the radiance of the sun through Surya Sadhana and then directs it to the unborn child for its enlightenment. It can be commenced from twelfth day of the lunar month.

The Sadhak (husband ) must take a bath and wear a white Dhoti. Then he should sit facing the East on a white worship mat. On a wooden plank covered with white cloth he should place a Maartand Yantra

Next he should take water in his right palm and pledge thus.

Asya Soorya Mantrasya Bhrigu Rishih Gaayatri Chhandah Divaakaro Devataa Hreem Beejam Shreem Shaktih Garbhasth Drishya Shravya Phal Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.

Join the palms and pray thus to the sun.

Raktaambuj Yugmabhaya Daanhastam Keyoorhaaraangav-kundjaadayam.
Maannikyamoulim Din-naathmeedaye Bandhook Bhaanti Vilasam Trinetraa.

Next pick up a Sfatik rosary and chant 51 rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Hreem Tejase Garbhasth Cheitanya Vram Hreem Om ||

Do this regularly fur 49 days. During the Sadhana period observe celibacy and take a fruit-milk diet only. On 50th day offer some sweets made from milk to 11 boys with age ten years or less. After the Sadhana seat the pregnant mother before yourself and looking into her eyes chant 5 rounds of this Mantra. This Mantra recital shall make the embryo more receptive. This effect shall last for 3 hours. Hence whatever information is given to the mother in these 3 hrs. it is promptly imbibed by the child.

This subtle education can go on for three to four months. The mother too should chant one round of the Mantra daily and should remain fully attentive during this process.This Sadhana is one of the best gifts of our Yogis and with its help more intelligent and virtuous children could be brought into this world.

Divine Beloved


A real Sadhak strives to attain totality in every aspect of life. He not only does Sadhanas rather he also enjoys all the pleasures life has to offer. He is filled with a determination to uncover all secret gifts of life and the courage to move forward on each path that life opens up before him – this is real adventure, this is true joy and this is LIFE! Only such Sadhaks can imbibe the whole essence of a Sadhana into their lives. Soundarya Sadhanas are playthings for them. Apsara, Yakshini & Kinnari Sadhanas have been created for such Sadhaks for they fully know how to enjoy pleasures and comforts of life.

At first I was a bit apprehensive regarding the Kinnari Sadhanas due to the irrational notions prevalent in the society in respect of Kinnaris. Still, as I was very curious and enthusiastic I decided to perform the Sadhana. In my first few attempts I had to face failure. I contacted revered Gurudev on phone and asked him the reason for the same. Gurudev asked me not to get disappointed and blessed me so that I could attain success in the next attempt.

But even after so much assurance I felt a bit frustrated. After a few days I was transferred on my job to Nagpur. There I became so busy in adjusting to the new place that I completely forgot about the Kinnari Sadhana.

Just a few days after I had been transferred to Nagpur, a young South Indian lady of about 27-28 yrs. was appointed to a special post lying vacant for the past several months. Anupama like her name was indeed very beautiful. She had come to the city all alone to join the office and no one knew much about her.

She was very fair complexioned and her countenance always seemed to radiate youthful charm. She was tall, and her hair was long, dark and dense. Her cheeks had a natural rosiness and her large dark eyes were extraordinarily alluring. Her lips looked like petals of rose. Her entire body was moulded into an hour glass figure and so enchanting was her physique that everyone in the office was mesmerised by her charms.

We had adjoining cabins and soon we started spending hours talking to each other. Our hobbies and interests were almost same and hence a close affinity developed between us. Then one day all of a sudden both of us were transferred to Bombay. We rented flats within a distance of half a km. and often visited each other’s flat.

Our office colleagues were obviously very jealous of our close intimacy and kept gossiping about us. Some of them even started planning of a way to trap me in some official controversy. I came to know of their conspiracy when it was already too late. The cooked files on the basis of which I was being drawn into a snare had reached one of my seniors who too was against my closeness to Anupama. I became very anxious and remained tense for one whole week. One evening Aunpama came to my house and taking out some papers from her handbag said, “You were troubled due to these papers, weren’t you?”

I was dumbstruck for I had not even mentioned the matter to her. Next day when I reached office the faces of my adversaries looked overcast with gloom. Slowly the situation returned to normal and after a few months I decided to have a permanent residence in Bombay. For that I needed a large amount in advance. One day I decided to discuss the problem with Anupama. When I spoke to her she laughed and said, “Well don’t you worry!” Within a week she handed over the amount to me. When I asked her, she said that she had borrowed from a relative. After that she came to my financial rescue several times. Whenever I tried to return the money to her she refused to take it.

She lived like a wife with me and offered me all comforts and pleasures. We were spending happy, pleasurable days in each other’s company when one day she suddenly said that she was returning to her native place due to some personal reasons and would not be able to meet me again. I asked her to give me her address but she said that she would do so the next day. Next day when I reached her flat I saw that it was locked. I became depressed and sad. I tried a lot but could not find her.

Much depressed I met Gurudev and prayed to him to help me locate Anupama. It was then that He revealed to me that as a result of the Kinnari Sadhana which I had accomplished a year ago, the Kinnari, Priya Vallabha alias Anupama, had remained with me for one year! With Gurudev’s permission l am revealing the same Sadhana here.

This Sadhana should be accomplished in the night of any Friday in an isolated place. The Sadhak should wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat. He should light incense, and on a wooden plank covered with a yellow cloth establish the Varvarnnini Priyatma Yantra in a copper plate. Then the Sadhak should apply saffron on the Yantra, offer flower petals and sprinkle natural perfume. He should also light a lamp filled with Ghee (clarified butter). On both sides of the Yantra he should place a Siddhi Phal each. Then with a Kinnari Mala (a special rosary) he should chant 11 rounds of this Mantra –

||Om Ae-leim Priyaa Priya Vallabhaa Kinnaryei Aagachh Aagachh Dhan Dhaanya Samriddhim Dehi Dehi Phat

I too performed this Sadhana again and within a month I got to meet Anupama once again. Even to this day she remains with me each moment.


Krishna Paksha Panchami

It was the first time that I had picked the magazine from our bookstall. What caught my attention was the picture that adorned its cover page. Much excited I rushed back home and plunged into its contents and an hour later I was all determined to set out on a journey to Jodhpur the very next day. My wife was left even more amazed on beholding the picture of the revered Sanyasi.

“He is the same Yogi”, she cried with delight mixed surprise. “Yes” I said, “It’s He! What more he is living in Jodhpur at present. Will you accompany me?” ?Oh yes. I cannot forget how he saved us from near ruin”, cried my wife.

I too can never forget those days when poverty, misery and problems dogged us incessantly. Many were the days when our only son would cry himself to sleep, without food. And to think of it that my father was a millionaire with business spread all over India! We were four brothers and being the eldest I was closest to father. Another reason for this was that my brothers wished to have a share in the gains without putting in any efforts. But father would have none of their ways and was very strict in his dealings with them.

Then one day I suddenly got news that father had seriously taken ill in a far off city where he was for some business deal. I rushed there but the best of medical help could not save him. It was almost a month after his demise before I could return. To my utter dismay my brothers had fraudulently taken possession of everything.

Money was in their hands and it bought all officials rendering all my efforts to get an equal share futile. Forced to leave the city I sought refuge in the ancient paternal home in our native village. Misfortune pursued us there too and I was shocked to find that our fertile land had become barren. Efforts to start a business went in vain for no one was ready to help. For a year we laboured in the fields but we could hardly make two ends meet.

We could go without food but it was really tormenting to listen to the heart rending cries of our ten year old son. How many times I thought of suicide! Finally we decided to sell all we had and leave the village. Plans were afoot when one day there was a loud knock at the door. It was a Sadhu seeking food. Tears welled in my eyes and I choked on my voice — “Baba, we have not eaten for three days. Our son is dying with hunger”.

The Sadhu listened aptly to my tale of woes. At last he said to my wife, “I am taking him with me. Don’t worry he shall return tomorrow”. I don’t know why, but none of us protested. Quietly I followed him to a nearby jungle and then into a secret cave. It was dark. In a few minutes he had a holy fire roaring. Asking me to sit by his side he began chanting Mantras. He made me perform Sadhana of Lord Kartikeya, a deity who brings prosperity and success to his Sadhaks. Having accomplished it I went to sleep there itself. Next morning I was surprised to find myself on outskirts of the jungle. The Yogi was nowhere to be seen!

I returned home and in a few days an old acquaintance of my father who had come to know of my misfortune contacted me and invited me to be a partner in his firm. There was no looking back from then on and my business took off at amazing speed till I was four times more well off than my father had been.

Now years later the magazine in my hands revealed that the Sanyasi had been Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand who now lived in Jodhpur as a family man, helping millions like me with the help of Sadhnas. The day I met him again is the most cherished day of my life. With his permission the same Kartikeya Sadhana appears here for the benefit of all.

The best day for this Sadhana is the fifth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month. It can be tried any time — early morning or late at night. Have a bath and sit on a sky blue mat robed in a dress of same colour. Cover a wooden seat with a sky blue cloth and on it draw a lotus with eight petals with rice dyed red with vermilion. On this place the Kartikeya Yantra.

Light a ghee lamp and incense. Offer flowers, vermilion, unbroken rice grains on the Yantra. Chant thus-

Sinderaarunn- Kaanti- minduvadanam


Keyoorhaaraadibhi- rdityeiraamarannei-

vibhushitatanum Swargasya Soukhyapradam.

Amyojaabhshakti- kukkurdharam

Raktaagaraagaamshukam, Subrramanyamupaasmahe

Praannmataam Mabheetiprannaashodhtam.

Thereafter with Soubhagya rosary chant 13 rounds of this Mantra-

|| Om Kam Ksham Kam Kaartikeyaay Phat ||

Offer laddoos on the Yantra and partake of the Parsaad. Drop the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond the next day. Offer food to a boy of 6 to 10 years the same day.


Who wouldn’t love, adore, revere and worship such a diety, for He takes away all of our troubles, problems, pains, afflictions and even poverty in life? There may exist a hundred different sects all over India, yet when it comes to launching some venture all differences disappear as they choose first and foremost to supplicate to the dear Elephant-God, the loved Ganesh for His divine grace that would ensure success and fulfillment. No wonder an ancient text states —

Abheepsitaarth Siddharyartham Poojito Sah Suraasureih |

Sarva Vighna Harastasmei Gannaadhipataye Namah ||

The Lord Ganpati is the fulfiller of all wishes. His grace removes all obstacles and impediments. He is the Divine Purveyor of true knowledge, success in life, prosperity and all Spiritual Powers. And hence all Gods, humans and even demons bow to Him.

What more He has numerous forms and one may choose to worship any of them – the Lord in a child Avatar having a weakness for Laddoos; the Lord in a furious form a virtual terror to enemies, the Lord in a pleasant form ready to bestow all boons of life and so on.

Besides the many forms there are a variety of rituals some based on Mantras, some on Strotras and still others on Tantra. Though their efficaciousness cannot be doubted yet complex and lengthy procedures make them difficult, if not impossible, for an ordinary man of this world to accomplish.

However there is a form of the Lord that assimilates all benefits of His other Avatars and this Sadhana of His is so simple, so easy that even a child could achieve success in it effortlessly. This one day ritual would consume not more than two hours of one’s time, yet manifest amazing results that could virtually transform one’s life and ring in a new phase of prosperity, affluence and success.

Mahaganpati Sadhana is the wonderful ritual whose chief boon is riddance from generations of poverty. For a middle class family person this could be the golden opportunity of striking it rich, that he or she might have been looking for. To those acquainted with religious rituals this should not come as a surprise, for Ganpati worship has always formed an important part of Laxmi Sadhanas.

Actually Lord Ganpati’s blessings are capable of bestowing both Bhog (worldly pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual attainments) on an individual. Sadhana of Mahaganpati aims at neutralising all sins and evils of one’s past lives so as to make one eligible for enjoying wealth, prosperity and all pleasures in life to the fullest, thus paving way for total fulfillment and ultimately spiritual elevation. Following benefits certainly accrue through this Sadhana-

  • Debts and poverty can be forever forbidden from one’s life.
  • Quick and speedy business takeoff can be assured.
  • Sudden gains through speculation, inheritance etc. can be had.
  • Other symbols of prosperity such as property, vehicle, fame, good job/position etc. can be easily acquired.
  • Above all one could have the divine glimpse of the Lord.

For a person of this age when doubts, fear, apprehension reign supreme these might appear to be tall claims, but proving their veracity are the experiences of thousands of Sadhaks of revered Gurudev who have ever tried this Sadhana with full faith. It is pure good luck for the present generation that such a powerful ritual appears such openly in print.

The best day for this ritual would be Ganesh Chaturthi or a Wednesday. Early morning have a bath and don yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat facing East. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. On it place a Paarad Ganpati in a plate. Pray to the Guru thus-

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwarah |


Guru Saakshaat Par-Brahma Tasmei Shree Gurave Namah ||

Next chanting

|| Om Ganeshaay Namah ||

bathe the Paarad Ganpati with pure water, milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey and water in this order. Wipe it dry and place it in a separate plate on which a Swastik has been inscribed with vermilion paste.

Offer vermilion, unbroken rice grains, incense, Laddoos to the deity. Light a ghee lamp. Next make a mound of rice grains and on it place Mangaldaayika .Each time chanting

|| Om Ganeshaay Namah ||

offer 108 fragrant flowers on the Mangaldaayika. Then with a Yellow Hakeek rosary chant 21 rounds of this Mantra-

|| Om Gam Ganpataye Namah ||

After 3 days drop the Mangaldayika and rosary in a river. Place the Paarad Ganpati in your worship place and light incense before it daily.

Which parents would not like their children to get handsome, wealthy and good-natured life partners? All in fact try their level best to initiate their children into a happy married life. Yet at times various problems crop up, thus making life hell not just for the child but the parents as well.


Failure to get married at the right age is the most traumatic of these problems followed closely by frequent quarrels among the married couple, being childless after years of marriage and chances of break up of marriage due to an extra-marital affair.

There was a time when a woman had great respect in the house of her in-laws and was worshipped as Lakshmi but the imported culture from the West has shaken the Indian system of marriage to the roots and has left it fending off evils like the ever increasing extra-marital affairs, immorality and a so-called free and irresponsible way of life. No wonder there are so many divorces today!

Perusing carefully we find that the cause of most of these problems lies in the utter disregard of the astrological rules and conventions that once governed the marriage system in India. Planets can play havoc with the married life and reduce it to a virtual nightmare. Hence it is always advisable to ponder upon the following astrological tips before approving any tie.

  • The most important method adopted is Gunn Melaapak in which Raashi/Nakshatras of the would be husband and wife are matched. 36 is the highest grading in this method. 16-20 points matching means that the match is just fair. 21-28 means the match is good while more than 28 points means that the match is perfect. If you know the Raashi Nakshatras of the boy and girl you can consult an almanac (Panchaang) and do the matching yourself.
  • If the boy and girl have the same Raashi (Moon Sign) that’s best. But the Nakshatra Charann should be different.
  • If the Raashi of the boy is second or twelfth from the girl’s this forms the Didhaardash Yog and such a match ought to be avoided. However this Yog is neutralised if the Raashis are Leo and Virgo.
  • If the Raashi of the girl is ninth or fifth from the boy’s Panchavam Yog is formed which leads to loss of children. Such an unfortunate match should be avoided.
  • If the Raashi of the girl is seventh from the boy’s Sam Saptak Yog is formed. This is the best but it is inauspicious if the Raashis are Cancer-Capricorn and Leo-Aquarius.
  • If the boy and the girl have the same Naadi the match is inauspicious.
  • Mars in the twelfth, first, fourth, seventh and eighth from the Ascendant or the Moon means Mangalik Yog. A Mangalik girl should marry only a Mangalik boy.
  • A strong Venus indicates beauty, handsomeness and also a happy married life.

It’s always better to marry according to these rules propounded by our ancient sages. And just as they laid these rules they had also devised Sadhanas and special Dikshas which can neutralise all problems and afflictions in a married life. For these, one must approach a Sadguru who can from the natal charts or lines on the palm or his clairvoyance know the cause of one’s troubles and suggest an effective remedy. Some of these are being elucidated here.

Diksha for marriage

There are some who do not have the Yog for marriage in their natal charts. The best option for them is this Veivaahik Yog Diksha which is obtained in three stages – all at one go or one at a time, as the Guru suggests.

Diksha for happy married life

Problems, quarrels, extra-marital affairs, childlessness reduce married life to a joyless, traumatic ordeal. The married couple or any one of them can obtain Poornaa Grihasth Sukh Diksha. In fact every married couple should get initiated in this Diksha to avoid any problems in the future.

Diksha for early marriage

Delay in marriage is the worst curse which can be neutralised with Sheeghra Vivaah Diksha. A must for all those who are well past the age of marriage and are troubled on this account.

A wonderful Sadhana

To end all problems in marriage and even neutralise a Mangalik Yog in your own or your spouse’s natal chart you can try this amazing Sadhana. Even the parents of a child can accomplish it on behalf of their son or daughter.

For the Sadhana you need Vivaah Baadhaa Nivaarann Mala and Vivah Baadhaa Nivaarann Yantra . Start on a Tuesday. Early in the morning having had a bath, bathe the Yantra with milk and next with water. Wipe it dry and apply a mark of Saffron. Place it in a steel plate. Pray mentally to the Guru. Take some water, unbroken rice grains and a flower in your right palm and speak out that you are accomplishing the Sadhana for a happy married life (your own or your child’s).

Chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with the Vivaah Baadhaa Nivaarann Mala. Do this for 21 days.


||Om Hloum Kaamdevaay Ratyei Sarva Dosh Nivaarannaay Siddhaay Phat||

On the 22nd day disperse all articles in a river or pond. Soon enough, you shall see a favourable change in your family atmosphere if you are already married, If not you won’t have to wait long for your Prince Charming or Cindrella, as the case may be!

For intelligence and knowledge in children try

Early in the morning get up and have a bath. Wear yellow or saffron robes. Then in a clean room sit with your family members. Before yourself place a picture of Goddess Saraswati. Then concentrating on her holy form chant the following Mantra.

Shuklaam Brahmvichaar Saar Paramaadyaam Jagadvyaapineem Veennaa Pushtak Dhaarinneebhamay Daam Jaad Yaapandhkaaraapahaam.


Haste Sfatik Maalikaam Vidhateem Paramaasane Sansthitaam Vande Taam Parameshwareem Bhagwateem Buddhi Pradaam Shaaradaam.

i.e. I pray to Bhagwati Saraswati who has a fair complexion, who is the first and foremost divine energy, who is present in the world in the form of knowledge, who wields a Veenaa, Vedas, Sfatik rosary in her hands and one of whose hands is raised in blessing. She is capable of removing ignorance and bestowing intelligence.

Then in a plate draw a Saraswati Yantra with a silver straw or wire. If not possible use a copper wire. For ink use Ashtgandh and draw the Yantra. Ashtgandh is a mixture of eight fragrant articles and it is a divine Sadhana article.

mega yantra
saraswati yantra

It is said that the fragrance of Ashtgandh used to continuously emanate from the form of Lord Krishna.

Then on the Yantra thus inscribed place a Saraswati Yantra in the form of an amulet. If trying the ritual for your children then you should have a Yantra for each child. Make a mark of Ashtgandh on the Yantra and offer yellow flowers.

Light incense and ghee lamp. Then offer a sweet made from milk. After that chant the following Saraswati Mantra just 108 times. Make the children too chant the Mantra 108 times if they can.

||Om Ayeim Saraswatyei Ayeim Namah.||

After that offer prayers to the picture of Goddess Saraswati. Offer flowers and make marks of Ashtgandh on the foreheads of the children. Put a garland of yellow flowers around each child’s neck.

Then with a silver or copper wire (take care it is not sharp ended) write on the tongue of the each child with Ashtgandh. Also do the same to your wife and yourself. Wash the wire before using it each time.

Vasant Panchami is the best day for writing the Saraswati Beej Mantra on the tongue of your child and making him or her wear a Saraswati Yantra in a silk thread. If not possible on this day then do it on a Monday.

It is the greatest fortune to accomplish this ritual pertaining to Goddess Saraswati and wear the Saraswati Yantra on the day of Vasant Panchami. Wear it yourself and make your children wear the Yantra too.

Freedom from addiction

Any Friday

Every human being desires joy, excitement, music, dance and carefreeness in life, but when finds that the world is not offering any of these he starts to look for plastic pleasure in wine, drugs and cigarettes. This is in fact an attempt to force joy or pleasure into life through unnatural means.

And this is nothing new for even in the ancient times kings, ministers and those burdened with heavy responsibilities would seek artificial means to free their minds of the tensions and worries of that day. Their physicians would prepare for them a special drink which wrenched the mind free of worries. This drink they called Suraa.

Suraa means that which infuses Sur or music into life. What more it was a rejuvenating drink that had no adverse effect on the body. However later cheaper drinks were invented which worked similarly in making one tension free, but were harmful to the body. This drink was known as Madira much like the alcoholic drinks of today.

It is a known fact that anything in excess proves harmful. Addiction to drinks not only destroys the health of a person but also his career as well as family and social life. Studies have revealed that almost every addict wishes to get rid of the evil habit. He vows to give up again and again but drinks so weaken the will power that it becomes hard for him to keep his promise. In fact addiction is like being enslaved by drinks which every addict very much realises.

No human likes to be a slave. But an addict has not the necessary will power to get free. However if by some method, hypnotism being one, a powerful thought is implanted in his mind it becomes very easy for him to be free.

Another such means is Mantra Sadhana which the addict could use to get rid of his habit. If unwilling to try it some other person could also do the Sadhana on his behalf with the same results.

However it is not claimed that a person shall change overnight through the use of this Mantra. The basis of this method is a person’s sub-conscience and Mantra is a powerful device which frees the sub-conscience of all such shackles. Hence Mantra works subtly to remove all craving for drinks from the addicts sub-conscience.

For freedom from addiction the ancient texts prescribe Anukoolan Prayog. The very special aspect of this powerful Sadhana is that in case the addict himself is reluctant to try it someone can do it on his behalf.

In the night of any Friday or Sunday place an Anukoolan Yantra in a copper plate and seated before it chant just one round of the following Mantra with a red coral rosary.

|| Om Gloum Sarva Saakshee Praann Aatmane Namah Gloum Om ||

Do this daily for the next 11 days. Thereafter drop the rosary in a pond and make the addict wear the Yantra around his neck for a month. If the person is unwilling tie the Yantra around his photograph and place it in some safe place. A month later drop the Yantra too in a river. This ritual enhances the will power of the addict and helps him to get rid of the habit forever.

Another special method:

Many small rituals have also been popular in India specially from the times of Nath Yogis like Guru Gorakhnath who devised very simple methods and Mantras in simple language which everyone could use. But the drawback with these rituals is that their effect many times is not long lasting. Still one such ritual is being reproduced here.

On a Friday take a Peepal (holy fig) leaf. On it put a pinch each of black sesame seeds and vermilion. Light an oil lamp and chant thus continuously for 30 minutes.

|| Devaa Ho Devaa Peeraa Ho Peeraa Laanguliyaa Ke Naath Anjaniyaa Ke Beeraa ||

After this tie the leaf with some cloth (handkerchief etc.) which the addict uses and the same night throw it in some isolated place away from home.