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Gurudham/Sadhna Camp Related

The Gurudham literally means “Abode of Revered Gurudev”. Gurudham refers to our Ashrams (office) in Delhi and Jodhpur.

The Delhi/Jodhpur Gurudham are open from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. You may get the Books, Cassettes and Sadhana articles (Rosaries, Yantras, Photographs etc.) from the counter at the Gurudham. You can get answers to all your queries in Gurudham.

Revered Arvindji Gurudevji normally meet Sadhaks and disciples whenever they are in Gurudham. So, you may also meet Revered Gurudev in the Gurudham.

You may stay in the Gurudham only during the Sadhana Camp. There is no boarding/lodging facility on other days.

The Sadhana Camps are organised at various places in India and overseas. These Sadhana Camps are fully residential and offer the disciples a chance to discuss about their problems, plans, Sadhanas, Dikshas and other issues personally with Revered Gurudev. Moreover, one gains practical knowledge and education to perform Sadhana under the guidance and supervision of Revered Gurudev. So, it is highly recommended to attend as many Sadhana Camps as possible.

The Sadhana Camps are completely residential and you will need to stay all the time at the Camp. The food and sleeping arrangements will be made there itself and you do not need to book any hotels etc. You, will however need to bring some sleeping materials like blanket (if it is cold), bedsheet etc. There is an entrance charge for most of the Sadhana Camps.Basically this amount is used for organisation of the Sadhana Camp. At least one Sadhana/Diksha is included free in the Entrance fee.

Revered Gurudev normally organises important Sadhnas during the Sadhna Camp. Similarly, you will get an opportunity to receive some important Dikshas also during the Sadhna Camp.

Apart from the one main Sadhna/Diksha included in your Sadhna Camp entrance fee, you will need to pay for other Sadhnas and Dikshas separately.

During the entire stay at Sadhna Camp, you will be required to wear a Yellow Dhoti and “Guru Chadar/Pitambar”. You will also require “Panchpatra” and “Guru Chitra”. Please bring them if you have got them, otherwise you may get the articles from the Sadhna Camp.

The Schedule and Details of the forthcoming Sadhna camps are mentioned in the last page of the “Narayan Mantra Sadhana Vigyan” magazine. The details are also available at our website here.
You will need to take Yellow Dhoti, Guru Chadar/Pitambar, Panchpatra and Guru Chitra. There is no need to take extra clothes as you will be wearing only the Dhoti and Guru Chadar/Pitambar during the entire camp duration. Ladies may wear either a Yellow coloured dress or a Yellow Saree (preferable). You may take woollen blankets if the camp is being organised in winter. It is recommended that you take all your “malas (rosaries)” and “yantras” to the Sadhna camp to get them more “energised” in Gurudev’s presence.
At least one Diksha/ Sadhna is included in the Sadhna camp charges. You will need to pay additionally for the other Sadhnas or Dikshas that are announced in the Sadhna camp.

The Jodhpur Gurudham address is

Narayan Mantra sadhana Vigyan,
Dr. Shrimali Marg,
High Court Colony,
Jodhpur 342001,
Rajasthan, India.

The Telephone number is +91-(0291)-2432209/2433623 and the Telefax number is +91-(0291)-2432010.

The Jodhpur Gurudham is located only 2-3 kilometers from the Jodhpur Railway Station. You may take the autorickshaw. Most of the autorickshaw drivers in Jodhpur know the location of the Jodhpur Gurudham.
Suncity Hotel is located very close to Jodhpur Gurudham just down the road. However, Jodhpur is a major tourism center, and so has hotels to suit all budgets. You can also stay in Youth Hostel.

The Delhi Gurudham address is

306, Kohat Enclave,
New Delhi 110034, India.

The Telephone number is +91-(011)-27182248 and the Telefax number is +91-(011)-27196700. You may obtain further information from Wikimapia or Google Maps .

You may take buses going to either Rani Bagh or Madhuban Chowk; and then a rickshaw from there.The Gurudham is about 10 minutes walk from Madhuban Chowk (off Outer Ring Road) in Pitampura. It is located in Kohat Enclave, behind Lok Vihar in Pitampura. You may also take Delhi Metro train, and alight at Kohat Enclave Station.Alternatively, you may take either autorickshaw or taxi direct to Delhi Gurudham.
Delhi Gurudham and Arogyadham are both located in Pritam Pura, New Delhi. The buses towards Pritam Pura are 102,111,114,169,174,901,247,761,249,601,881,909,921,938,932,950,988,196
Oasis Hotel is the nearest hotel to Delhi Gurudham. It is located off Madhuban Chowk. However, Delhi is capital city, and so has hotels to suit all budgets. You can also stay in Youth Hostel.