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Dhyan Dharana Samadhi

Even You Can See Your Aura

Today even the modern scientists have accepted the fact that every human being is surrounded by an aura similar to the radiance around the faces of Lord Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, as is seen depicted in their pictures. And every human being can attain the capabilities of viewing his own and other people’s aura and also increase the radiance around his body through various methods like Yoga, Sadhana and meditation.

This article reveals secret facts on this interesting and captivating subject.

The ancient Indian sages and seers who were great exponents of spiritualism and the natural sciences believed that other than the apparent physical form, a human has six more forms or bodies or Sharirs as they called them. Thus the combination of the seven bodies makes a complete human form. But unfortunately we are only able to see and feel the presence of the outer physical body and even our minds are generally not able to penetrate into the deeper realms.

Knowledge of existence of aura around the human bodies was present even thousands of years ago and a radiance is shown to emanate from the bodies of great saints of India, Greece, Rome and Egypt in their pictures. In India pictures of Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir and Nanak are even today drawn with a bright halo around their faces.

This aura in fact charges the whole body with life and activity. But to understand more about it, to know its intricacies, it is first necessary to know about the six other bodies. The seven bodies or Sharirs are as follows.

  • Sthul Sharir – It has a solid form and is the outer physical body. It is called Annamay Kosh or a receptacle of food. In simple words it is the apparent body possessed by all animals, birds and humans.
  • Praann Sharir – Praann means life and it is a bit more significant than the Sthul Sharir as it provides the Sthul Sharir with energy and life. It is also called the Praannmay Kosh or the reservoir of life energy. This body acts as a link between the physical body and the other five bodies. One can see the other five bodies only through the help of this Praann Sharir.
  • Kaam Sharir – It is also called the Manomay Kosh or the reservoir of passions, thoughts and intelligence and with its help a person can create another body similar to his own. It is also called Pashu Sharir or the animal body. It is through it that the sexual passions are aroused in a human and thus he experiences vigour, enthusiasm and zeal in life.
  • Sukshma Man Sharir –It is a part of the Kaam Sharir but through it the mind and intelligence can be sharpened and a person can develop cleverness, and an ability to understand the intricacies of a subject.
  • Uchch Man Sharir – This is the first part of what constitutes the divine body. It is called the Vigyaanmay Kosh or the receptacle of all true sciences. Through it a human being can elevate his life spiritually, achieve totality and become Godlike. But if it is not controlled then the result may be quite opposite, leading to obstinacy and vanity. Hence great discipline is needed when one enters this body so as to prevent misuse of its powers.
  • Buddhi Sharir – It is also called the Nirvaan Sharir. Nirvaan means salvation, hence on realisation of this form a human being is able to free himself from the clutches of the physical or Sthul Sharir and is able to fuse with the soul. It is called Aanandmay Kosh or the reservoir of divine joy and happiness. And on being able to enter this body a human being is able to look into and realise his Soul.
  • Aatma Sharir – It is also called Aatmaa or the Immortal Soul. It is a completely subtle body in itself. On realisation of this state a person attains divinity and the aura around his face becomes even more radiant and distinct so that everyone is able to perceive it.

When a human being realises and enters all these bodies from Sthul Sharir to the Aatma Sharir, by following the directions of his Guru, he attains various miraculous capabilities. He becomes capable of flying to any place he wishes, creating as many Sthul Sharirs as he desires and even viewing events happening thousands of miles away and participating in them remaining where he is.

The Divine Aura

The aura of the Aatma Sharir or the Soul appears like the corona seen around the Sun during a solar eclipse. It engulfs the entire body and such a radiance appears around the face, that it lights up the countenance with an empyrean bliss.

As said before this aura is present not only around Gods, Goddesses and great saints but also around each human being. Generally it cannot be seen as it is not so bright and apparent. But if a person wishes he can see the aura around any person and around his own face by accomplishing Sadhana. This aura is called Aabhaa Mandal or Prabhaa Mandal in Hindi and Lord Mahavir called it has called it Leshya.

According to the Indian sages as well as western scientists many facts can be revealed by seeing a person’s aura.

Through the aura past of the person becomes crystal clear. Thus character of the person and his mode of living can be known easily.

  • Just as one can know about the past of a person by viewing his aura, similarly future events of his life can also be known beforehand, for the present state of one’s aura shall reveal what the future has in store for the individual.
  • Through the medium of a person’s aura his nature can be changed. This is because the aura of a person can be altered. A person can change his own or someone else’s aura and thus a poor man can become rich, a dull headed person can become intelligent and one can even become a great man with an awakened soul.
  • The aura can have seven colours. A person who is still in the Sthul Sharir has a green aura, the aura of Prann Sharir is pink coloured, Kaam Sharir aura is yellow coloured, aura of Sukshma Sharir is a mixture of yellow and green colours, Uchch Man Sharir aura is silver coloured, the aura of Buddhi Sharir is blue and that of Aatma Sharir is golden.
  • Six months before the death of a person his aura becomes dull and blackish in colour. Thus one can know that this particular person is near his death.
  • The aura of a characterless person is cloudy and pale yellowish. Similarly the aura around a cunning and deceitful person is smoky and pale.
  • Through control over his aura a person can create as many physical forms as he likes. And as the aura has no bulk or weight, it can travel at a great speed, hence through it a person can even view events occurring thousands of miles away. He can also look into the future and can thus prevent major disasters or accidents.
  • The aura keeps changing according to the kind of thoughts being entertained by a person. The changes which occur in our physical body or Sthul Sharir already had their effect on the inner body or Sukshma Sharir quite some time ago. Thus any disease or ailment can be forecast even three months before as the ill effects would already have influenced the aura.
  • By accomplishing this Sadhana the person can see a child and its aura when it is still in the mother’s womb. He can make aura of the child brighter & luminous and thus bestow super conscience in the child. The child on receiving such energy goes on to become an intelligent and genius person – a scientist, mathematician, doctor or engineer i.e. unique in any field he enters.

A person can become a Siddh and spiritually elevated by developing the capability to see one’s own aura. Such a Sadhana is called Aatma Sadhana. And by this process auras of thousands of people can be altered for their benefit.

In this Sadhana Aatma Maha Yantra is of utmost importance. A special rosary called Cheitanya Mala should be used. In the morning place the Yantra before yourself and looking at it without blinking your eyes start chanting the following Aatma Mantra.

||Om Ayeim Brahmaand Chakshurtejase Namah.||

Daily chant 21 rounds of this Mantra. Before commencing the Sadhana free your mind of all negative thoughts, fears, doubts, hesitations, anxieties and frustrations. Only then start the Sadhana. Concentrate fully and completely on the Yantra without worrying about anything else.

After a practice of 15 days you should start looking casually at the face of some person. Do not stare or look into his eyes. Just look at his face from the head to his neck, as this is the area where the aura is strongest. Then look at the air two to seven inches above and around his head. The enveloping air will appear coloured like a rainbow.

Regularly keep practising on the Yantra as above and keep experimenting your capabilities on various people. When you become capable of viewing the aura surrounding others’ bodies, their pasts and futures shall automatically become clear to you.

At first you may perceive only a faint aura but with practice you shall be able to distinctly see the full aura of a person, and even changes taking place in it.

Through this Sadhana a person can also make his aura more radiant and distinct. He can attain spiritual upliftment and gain amazing capabilities like travelling from one place to another in just a single moment. He can even see any event happening anywhere, anytime and can become a distinguished and unique person in the society

Do you wish to attain the power to talk to people sitting thousand of miles away from you, without the help of any scientific equipment?

Do you wish you were able to read the thoughts of others?

Do you wish you were able to know about events occurring thousands of miles away without having to switch on a T.V. or radio?

In Mahabharat era, Sanjay had accomplished Divya Drishti Sadhana through which he could visualise events occurring hundreds of miles away. Dhritrashtra, the father of Kauravs was keen to know about the goings-on in the battle and as he was blind he could only hear about the proceedings. Through the power of his Sadhana, Sanjay was able to see the battle of Mahabharat going on in Kurukshetra and narrate the events to Dhritrashtra, while he sat in the palace in Hastinapur (Delhi).

Door Shravan or Divya Shravan Sadhana is similar, in it no telephone or scientific equipment is needed and a person can convey his thoughts to his friend staying far away from him and can also obtain messages from him.

Just imagine that you are sitting in Delhi and are talking to your wife who is in Bombay. You are not talking on phone but are receiving the sounds through the powers of the Sadhana. Isn’t it amazing? You wouldn’t have to resort to the help of any instrument or wait for the call to be linked and neither shall anyone be able to interrupt or overhear your conversation. Then you can contact anyone – even when you are far from civilization where there are no modern facilities like phones or wireless.

Once you have accomplished the Sadhana you can hear any conversation going on anywhere in the world. However in order to converse with someone it is necessary that the other person too, is perfect in this Sadhana. If this happens, exchange of thoughts would be child’s play.

This Sadhana is not too difficult, but to accomplish it full faith and determination are absolutely necessary. You have but to try it once and if you succeed then the world shall be before you to explore and nothing shall remain a secret for you. You shall then be able to hear anything going on anywhere in the world.

This Sadhana can be started from any Sunday and it lasts for eleven days. One has to remain in Sadhana for about one hour daily.

4 to 6 am is the right time for this ritual, for the atmosphere then is peaceful and there is no disturbance. It is easy to communicate telepathically during this period.

The Sadhak should get up early in the morning and take a bath with fresh water. He should wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mattress facing the North. He should then light a lamp with a cotton wick immersed in clarified butter (Ghee).

In the Sadhana three articles are required – picture of the Guru, Door Shravan Yantra and Door Shravan Mala.

The Yantra and the rosary should be consecrated & enlivened through special Mantras composed by Shankaracharya. These Mantras are used to form a link of the rosary and the Yantra with the ether present everywhere.

The Sadhak must take a plate and draw a Swastik on it with red saffron. Then the Yantra should be placed over the Swastik.

After this the Sadhak should place the picture of the Guru next to the Yantra. The picture should be wiped clean and a mark of vermilion should be made on the Guru’s forehead. Flowers and prayers should be offered to the Guru.

Then the Sadhak should chant the Mantra

|| Om ||

three times. Next he should chant one round of the following Door Shravan Mantra –

|| Om Bram Brahmaand Vei Bram Phat. ||

This Mantra is short but very effective and by its chanting the inner conscience of the Sadhak is awakened and thus the soul becomes free to move anywhere.

After the chanting of the Mantra is complete the Sadhak should sit peacefully for ten minutes and try to establish a contact with Gurudev. In the beginning just speak out your feelings or any message which you want to send to him.

During the time period from 4am. to 6a.m. Gurudev in an invisible form reaches all his disciples and the Sadhak’s wish spoken at this time is surely conveyed to him.

Repeat this whole practice regularly for eleven days. Your inner conscience shall slowly become awakened. And the day you ask something of Gurudev and are able to receive an answer know that you have become perfect in telepathy. Then you can easily contact any person living anywhere in the world and read his or her thoughts. You can even know about remote events sitting at home.

Human body has remained a mystery since ages and the more one tries to unravel it the more it seems to thicken. Hence the conclusion that all Yogis and Saadhaks reached was that the human consciousness is two pronged – the inner consciousness and the outer consciousness. Where the role of the outer one is to take care of the day to day life and get influenced by all outer things, the inner one always remains pure, unstained and helps develop divine traits in a person.


This inner consciousness is free of all passions and it cannot be cajoled into temptations. Hence Kriya Yog stresses on the effort to conjoin the outer consciousness with the inner so that a person may turn into a true human by sublimating all his passions and becoming divine. In fact this union of the outer and inner consciousness is called Kriya Yog.

When this happens a person experiences a soothing light within himself, all his tensions fade away and he understands that the real bliss is not without but within!

Kriya Yog can principally be divided into three parts:


It brings the mind to rest but makes it more conscious. It is just like a process of looking down at the bottom of a pool through its perfectly still water. It is the best device to wipe out all tensions, diseases, depressions and confusion.

During Dhyan when a person touches his inner consciousness he visualises a spot of light which enlarges gradually. First it is only a small bluish point which expands as the practice goes deeper. Then the person may see all the seven colours in it and as he continues all the colours may blend into a bright white light. This is an indication of the activation of the Third Eye. Now the person may visualise his own or anyone’s past and future easily.


This is a state of establishing oneself in ones higher Self. Such a person becomes a Saakshi, a witness to all events and Mayic influences do not affect him. This is also called the Paramhans state.


It is a state of wiping out one’s personality and fusing one’s consciousness with the Universal Consciousness (Brahm). Such a person can travel to any place in the universe and can interfere in the course of nature. He does not have to take birth again, but if he likes he may come down as an Avataar.

Kriya Yog is a process of transforming a Nar (man) into Narayan (God). But for it one has to go through intricate Yoga postures, Mudras, breathing processes continually for years, and one must do it only under the guidance of an adept Guru. But this is not quite possible in this fast moving age.

The second alternative for attaining success in Kriya Yog is Sadhana. All one has to do is to stare unblinkingly at a Yantra and chant a Mantra which will help in acquiring a state of Dhyan. As a result a thoughtless mind is born. Generally we keep nurturing thousands of thoughts, linking them with the past and future. As a result the delicate neurons come under immense pressure and this may lead to mental breakdown.

On acquiring a thoughtless mind a person becomes one with the universe. He becomes Divine and attains super capabilities like mentally ordering someone thousands of miles away, travelling thousands of miles in a second, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy etc.

Underneath is given a special Sadhana for attaining success in Kriya Yog.


Perform the Sadhana on any Sunday. Take a bath early in the morning, wear fresh white clothes and sit on a white cotton Aasan facing the north. Put a wooden plank covered with a cloth before yourself and establish a Atma Chetana Yantra in a copper plate on it. Place the Kriya Siddhi Mala closeby.

Light incense and ghee-lamp and perform Guru worship (according to the method given in Deinik Sadhana Vidhi book ) Worship the Yantra. Then chant one rosary of Guru Mantra and 11 rosaries of the undergiven Mantra.


||Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Kriya Siddhim Om||

This must be done for 5 consecutive days. Sit in Padmaasan or Siddhaasan with a straight back and concentrate your gaze on the tip of your nose. Contemplate that a fountain of divine joy is spurting from your heart and permeating each cell of your body. Continue thus for ten minutes. Do this daily. After the completion of Sadhana, disperse the Yantra and rosary in a river.

It is better to do some Yogic exercises and cleansing processes like Neti and Vasti before commencing the Sadhana. Always stick to a controlled vegetarian diet during the Sadhana period.

Foundation For Every Sadhana

Every Sadhana has a basic philosophy and without understanding this basic concept, the chances of complete success in Sadhana are minimal. Atma Chetna or “Inner Consciousness of Soul” is the basis for any Sadhana, and without this Atma Chetna, it is not possible to generate inner power or ‘Atmabal’. ‘Atmabal’ provides strength and power during the Sadhana. Anyone who has decided to perform any Sadhana for upliftment in life, should certainly perform “Atma Chetna ” Sadhana without fail. At a first glance, this Sadhana is not for any specific spiritual or material accomplishment, but is it possible to build a house without erecting a foundation first? And a house built without foundation may fall like a pack of cards anytime.

Every Sadhana touches Atma Chetna (Self Consciousness) of Sadhak in some way. If a Sadhak has already performed this foundation Sadhana for AtmaChetna, then (s)he will imbibe and accumulate benefits of other Sadhanas faster. The energy of any Sadhana (any deity, God, Goddess, Apsara, Yakshini etc.) will concentrate more powerfully on its main point after interacting with Atma Chetna of Sadhak.

Any aspirant interested in using this Sadhana as a foundation basis for quicker success in other Sadhanas & areas should place a consecrateed and sanctified copper inscribed Atma Chetna Yantra in a copper plate on a white cloth on any Sunday morning. (s)He should sit facing East and should chant 11 rosary rounds of following Mantra using a specially consecrated and sanctified Atma Chetna rosary. Sadhak should wear white dhoti and sit on a white Asana. If possible light a ghee lamp, though it is not strictly necessary.

|| Om Hreem Soham Hreem Om ||

This Sadhana should be performed in early morning between 5 am and 6 am if possible. This process should be done regularly for 21 days. On the last day, place all Sadhana articles along with some dakshina (charity money) in a temple. This is not a miracle oriented Sadhana. However after performing this Sadhana, a Sadhak will himself feel energetic & comfortable. He will feel an increase in his inner strength. (s)he will be able to sit continuously for 2-4 hours or more in any Sadhana without feeling any pain, discomfort or other problems. And this is also the main aim of this Sadhana.