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Bheirav Sadhanas


Shakti Udbhavam Bhaya Naashanam. It is rise of power that destroys fear.

In the present age of Kaliyug, Bheirav Sadhanas are the most easy and effective. The text Tantraalok describes this deity as Bheibheemaadibhih Avateeti Bheirav i.e. one who protects one from even the gravest dangers is Bheirav. The text Shiv Mahapuraan states that Bheirav is a form of none other than Lord Shiva.

Bheiravah Pooornnaroopo Hi Shankarah Paraatmanah. Moodaaste Vei Na Jaananti Mohitaa Shiv Maayayaa.

One should offer Gur (jaggery) and ghee (clarified butter) to the Lord in each Sadhana. This is the choicest food of the Lord and this offering pleases him most.

Daily offering a chapati smeared with ghee to a dog during the Sadhana also pleases the Lord.

The Kaali Khand chapter of the ancient text Shakti Sangam Tantra relates to the origin of Lord Bheirav. Once a demon with name Aapad had gained great powers through Sadhanas and he used to harass even the gods. The gods got together and started to think of ways to find a solution to this problem. As they concentrated their powers a flash of light appeared from their forms and it assumed the form of a five year old child , Batuk. This child killed the demon Aapad and saved the gods from his tortures. Tat is why he is known as Aapad Uddharak Batuk Bheirav.


This is the best day for this Sadhana.

Benefits of this Sadhana

  • This Sadhana is a perfect remedy for all problems, obstacles and troubles in life.
  • Pains and afflictions too can be remedied through this ritual.
  • It is a wonderful ritual to put an end to quarrels, tensions and differences among family members.
  • Future problems and troubles too could be taken care of through this Sadhana.
  • This is the best ritual for finding solutions to problems with state authorities and for victory in law suits.
  • This is also a very good Sadhana for protecting one’s property and money from robbers and cheats.

The Sadhana

Try it on tenth day of any fortnight of any Indian month. Before yourself make a mound of black sesame seeds (Kaale Til) and on it place a Batuk Bheirav Yantra. Then join both palms and meditate on the form of the Lord chanting thus.

Bhaktyaa Namaami Batukam Tarunnam Trinetram.


Kaam Pradaan Var Kapaal Trishool Dandaan.

Bhaktaarti Naash Karanne Dadhatam Kareshu,

Tam Kostubhaa Bharann Bhooshit Divya Deham.

Next take some rice grains in your right hand and pray for the solution of your problem, pain, affliction etc. Then move your hand around your head and throw the rice all around your worship mat. Thereafter chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Batuk Bheirav rosary daily for a week.

Batuk Bheirav Mantra :

||Om Hreem Batukaay Aapad Uddhaarannaay Kuru Kuru Batukaay Hreem Om Swaahaa||

After completion of Sadhana throw the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond. Very soon you shall have favourable results.

After visiting the holy shrine of Amarnath in Kashmir, pilgrims also visit the temple of Unmatt Bheirav. It is one among the famous spiritual seats of the Lord. Shankaracharya had himself established this seat and instilled divine powers in the idol of the Lord placed there. This seat lies in the South direction from Amarnath temple and is about half a kilometer from there. Many miracles have occurred at this place. It is believed that if a Sadhak walks bare feet to this seat and offers sweets to the Lord his wish sure gets fulfilled. Right behind this Bheirav temple is a pond of hot water and just by bathing in it several ailments like diabetes, asthma get cured. Unmatt Bheirav robs one of all one’s ailments and bestows perfect health.


Benefits of this Sadhana

  • It is a very powerful ritual for remedying health problems that are chronic and have plagued one for a long time.
  • It is also the best ritual for begetting a child. Many childless couples have successfully tried this ritual and have been blessed with children.

The Sadhana

Start this Sadhana from any Monday night. Wear a white Dhoti/saree and light an oil lamp. Before the lamp place an Unmatt Bheirav Yantra (in form of amulet) in a copper plate.

Before this Yantra make a mound of rice grains and on it place a Shubhra Sfatik Manni. Join both palms and meditate on the form of the Lord chanting thus.

Aadyo Bheirav Bheeshanno Nigditah Shree Kaalraajah Kramaad,


Shree Sanhaarak Bheiravopyath Ru Rushchonmattako Bheiravah.

Krodhashchand Unmatt Bheirav Varah Shree Bhoot Naathastato,

Hyashtou Bheirav Moortayah Pratidinam Dadhyuh Sadaa Mangalam.

Then taking some water in the hollow of your right hand pledge thus – I, (name), am doing this Bheirav Sadhana for my own (or a family member’s) good health. May the Avataar of Lord Shiva, Bheirav put an end to all my ailments (or bless me with a child). Having pledged thus let the water flow to the ground.

Thereafter offer Kaajal (soot prepared from a mustard oil lamp) and vermilion (kumkum) on the amulet and the Manni. With a White Hakeek rosary chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

Unmatt Bheirav Mantra

Om Un Unmattaay Bhram Bhram Bheiravaay Namah.

After two weeks throw the rosary and Manni in a river or pond. Thread the amulet in a white string and put it around your neck or the patient’s neck. If the Sadhana has been accomplished for a child then the wife should wear it. After a month throw it in a river too.

The name Bheirav is enough to invoke fear in an individual but the Lord is fearsome not for his Sadhak but for his enemies. For the Sadhak he is very kind and protects him always. Just as we have bodyguards who look fearsome and awe inspiring with their guns and other weapons, similarly Bheirav is a deity who wields awesome powers and protects one from dangers. We need not be afraid of our bodyguards, similarly a Sadhak should have no fear of the Lord. This Sadhana is very easy and simple, which any person, be it a man or a woman can try. Kaal Bheirav temple is there in the holy city of Ujjain and it is known as the temple of miracles. Many truly remarkable Tantra experiences are related to this shrine.


Benefits of this Sadhana

  • The Tantra texts describe it to be the best Sadhana for putting an end to enmities and rendering the foes unhostile.
  • If you fear your life because of some enemy or you fear that the enemy could harm your family or children then this Sadhana provides a divine shield against all attacks. The enemy loses his hostile attitude and stops giving trouble.
  • If you have fear of death, accident, fire, weapons or unnatural death then this Kaal Bheirav Sadhana is the best remedy. It can prevent even death.
  • Even women can try it for their own and their husbands’ and children’s safety.

The Sadhana

The night of Kaalaashtmi is the time for conquering even death. This is a very auspicious time that combines the blessings of both Lord Bheirav and Goddess Kaali. Start this Sadhana from the eighth day of any fortnight of any Indian month.

For this wear a red or yellow Dhoti/saree. Then sit on a red mat facing South. Before yourself place a steel plate and in it write

Bheirav Mantra

with vermilion (Kumkum). In the centre of the plate place the Kaal Bheirav Yantra and Mahaa-Mrityunjay Gutikaa. Also keep some iron nails ready. For example if there are seven members in your family then seven nails should be enough.

Wrap the holy red thread (Mouli) around each iron nail. Keep chanting

Om Bham Bheiravaay Namah

while you do so. Then offer the nails one at a time on the Yantra each time speaking out the name of a family member. This ritual is for procuring divine protection for each family member. In this Sadhana the Stotra Mantra of Lord Bheirav is chanted. Chant the following Mantra 108 times.

Yam Yam Yam Yaksha Roopam Dash Dishi


Viditam Bhoomi Kampaayamaanam.

Sam Sam Sam Sanhaar Moortim Shir Mukut

Jataa Shekharam Chandra Bimbam.

Dam Dam Dam Deergha Kaayam Vikrit Nakh

Mukham Oordhvaroyam Karaalam.

Pam Pam Pam Paap Naasham Prannmat

Satatam Bheiravam Shetrapaalam.

Next take some black mustard seeds (Kaali Sarson) in your right fist and chant the following Mantra 11 times. Then move your hand three times around your head and wrap the seeds in a paper.

Om Kaal Bheirav, Shamshaan Bheirav, Kaal Roop Kaal Bheirav ! Mero Beiri Tero Aahaar Re.


Kaadi Karejaa Chakhan Karo Kat Kat.

Om Kaal Bheirav, Batuk Bheirav, Bhoot Bheirav, Mahaa Bheirav, Mahaa Bhaya Vinaashanam Devataa.

Sarva Siddhirbhavet.

Next chant the following Mantra for one hour.

Kaal Bheirav Mantra :

||Om Bheiravaay Vam Vam Vam Hraam Shrom Namah||

This is only a single day Sadhana. After the chanting is over take the nails, the seeds, the Yantra and Gutika and go and throw them at some crossroad.

Benefits of this Sadhana

  • Lord Bheirav is the most quickly appeased by this Sadhana and fulfils the wish of the Sadhak.
  • There are many more Sadhanas and rituals for having a divine glimpse (Darshan) of the Lord, but this is the best Sadhana for this purpose.
  • Through this Sadhana one wins the good will of the Lord for the whole life. The Lord then protects the Sadhak from all dangers and whenever he is in a problem the Lord rushes to his rescue.

The Sadhana

Wear black clothes and sit on a black mat. During the Sadhana period maintain celibacy. Start the Sadhana from the fifth day of the dark fortnight of any Indian month. Try it only at night. Sanyasis and Yogis perform this ritual only on a river bank, in a funeral ground or a temple of Lord Shiva, but for a common man separate room or space at home should do just fine.

Make a mound of vermilion and on it place a Bheirav Yantra. Then make a human figure with clay and colour it red with vermilion. Then place it over the Yantra.

Pray to the Guru for success in the Sadhana. Then taking some rice grains in the left hand chant the following Mantra and throw the rice grains in all directions for protection from negative forces.

Aatma Raksha Mantra

Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Namah Poorve.


Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hroum Namah Aagneye.

Om Hreem Shreem Namah Dakshinne.

Om Gloom Bloom Namah Neikritye.

Om Proom Proom Sam Sah Namah Pashchime.

Om Bhraam Bhraam Namah Vaayavye.

Om Bhraam Bram Bhram Phat Namah Eishaanye.

Om Glom Bloom Namah Oordhve.

Om Ghraam Ghram Ghrah Namah Adhodeshe.

Thereafter make a mark of Kaajal on your forehead and also on the Yantra and the clay figure. Make marks with vermilion as well. Then with a Black Hakeek rosary chant the following Mantra. The Mantra of this Sadhana is very powerful, hence only the strong hearted person should try this Sadhana. Women, children and old people should better keep off this Sadhana. This Sadhana is to be done at night only. One Lakh chantings have to be done to complete this Sadhana. So decide yourself in how many days you wish to complete this ritual and calculate the daily number of chantings yourself. If you wish you can chant 25 rounds of the following Mantra daily for 40 days.

Bheirav Pratyakshikarann Mantra

Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hah. Shaam Sheem Shoom Shah. Khraam Khreem Khroom Khrah. Ghraam Ghreem Ghroom Ghrah. Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Bhrah. Bhrom Bhrom Bhrom Bhrom Klom Klom Klom Klom. Shrom Shrom Shrom Shrom Jrom Jrom Jrom Jrom. Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Phat Sarvam To Raksha Raksha Raksha Raksha Bheirav Naath Naath Hum Phat.

During Sadhana one may visualise the form of Lord Bheirav. The night you have such an experience do the following the next night.

Offer a blue cloth on the clay figure and make a mark on it with vermilion mixed with mustard oil. Arrange the following eatables – a chapati smeared with mustard oil, a sweet prepared from jaggery and wheat flour, jaggery, and pakoras made from Urad Dal – in a plate and offer them to the Lord. Light incense and start chanting the Mantra.

If the Lord does not appear that night then repeat this the next night as well. If he fails to appear again repeat the third night and he shall surely appear. When he does and tells you to ask some boon then speak out your wish respectfully. After this Sadhana has been successfully accomplished no enemy or adversary can harm the Sadhak.

After Sadhana throw the Yantra and rosary in some unfrequented place.

The present time span is not very good astrologically, considering the planetary positions. Astrologers have predicted world war, nuclear holocaust, natural calamities and loss of lives and property in view of the impending six planets confluence in April and three eclipses in July. This apprehension is not altogether baseless for the situation around the globe does indicate such possibilities. More than 60% people could be prey to this evil planetary confluence and hence revered Gurudev has provided through the magazine and Sadhana Camps several rituals and Sadhanas through the medium of which the effect of these negative forces could at least be weakened if not altogether wiped out. Such a very ritual pertains to Goddess Chhinmasta and the Bheirav associated with Chhinmasta, Vikraal Bheirav.


Benefits of this Sadhana

  • This Sadhana not just nullifies the evil effect of planets, rather it is also an unfailing Sadhana for rendering ineffective the baneful effect of Tantra, spirits, ghosts and tensions.
  • This Sadhana can also be used to make some close person who is under the bad influence of some one else to escape that influence and do as the Sadhak tells him or her to.

The Sadhana

This is a very powerful Sadhana, hence try it only after having had Guru Diksha. Start this Sadhana from a moonless night. Wear black clothes. Sit on a black mat facing South and place a Bheirav Gutika and a Tantrokt Nariyal before yourself. Then take some mustard seeds (Sarson) in your fist and speak out the name of person, enemy or problem from which you wish riddance. Then speaking the following Mantra throw the seeds in all directions.

Om Aam Hreem Hreem Hreem Sarva Baadhaa Naashay Naashay Maaray Maaray Uchchaatay Uchchaatay Mohaya Mohaya Vasham Kuru Kuru Sarvaarth Kasya Siddhi Roopam Tvam Vikraal ! Kaal Bhakshannam Mahaadev Swaroopam Tvam, Sarva Siddhi Bhavet! Om Vikraal Bheirav, Mahaakaal Bheirav, Kaal Bheirav, Mahaa Bheirav, Mahaabhaya, Sarva Tantra Baadhaa Vinaashanam Devataa. Sarvasiddhibhavet.

Then with a Black Hakeek Rosary chant 14 rounds of the following Mantra daily for 8 days.

Vikraal Bheirav Mantra

||Om Bhram Bhram Hum Hum Vikraal Bheiravaay Bhram Bhram Hum Hum Phat||

After Sadhana throw all Sadhana articles in a river or pond.

The text Rudrayamal Tantra states that there is a different form of Lord Bheirav associated with each of the ten Mahavidyas. The form of the Lord associated with Mahavidya Kamala is known as Narayan Bheirav. Just as Kamala is another form of Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth, similarly Narayan Bheirav is a deity who puts an end to one’s poverty and blesses one with good fortune and wealth. This is why he is also called Swarnnaakarshan Bheirav – the deity who attracts gold.


Benefits of this Sadhana

  • Don’t expect gold to shower in your home after this Sadhana. Rather you shall get opportunities of sudden monetary gains and new sources of income.
  • If your money is blocked somewhere or someone is not ready to return a debt then, this Sadhana can help a lot in recovering the money.
  • If the Sadhak himself is under heavy debt, then his debts get paid off and he becomes prosperous.

The Sadhana

At night have a bath and wear a yellow Dhoti/Saree. Sit facing North. Light incense. Pray to the Guru for success. Place the Swarnnaakarshann Bheirav Yantra before yourself. On it make a triangle and on the three corners of the triangle place Three Kamala Beejs.

Join both palms and meditate on the form of the Lord chanting thus.

Om Karkalit Kapaalah Kundali Dandapaannim,


Tarunn Timir Neelo Vyaal Yagyopaveetee.

Ritu Samay Saparyaa Vighna Vichhed Hetu,

Rjayati Bheiravnaath Siddhidah Saadhakaanaam.

Then with a rosary of Kamalgatta chant three rounds of the following Mantra daily for 13 days

Swarnnaakarshan Bheirav Mantra

Om Ayeim Kleem Kleem Kloom Hraam Hreem Hram Sah Vam Aapad Uddhaarnnaay Ajaamal Baddhaay Lokeshwaraay Swarnnaakarshann Bheiravaay Mam Daaridray Vidweshannaay Om Hreem Mahaabheiravaay Namah.

After Sadhana throw the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond. Tie the Kamala Beejs in a yellow cloth and leave the bundle in a temple.